Parkour class for hardy
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Charging for pregnant exercises 1, 2, 3 trimesters
Charging for pregnant women – cheerful mom and a healthy baby Charging – the key to excellent physical and health condition of the pregnant woman and the health of her unborn baby. Physical exercise is…

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5 apps for everyone who started running this spring

5 apps for everyone who started running this spring (or sooner)

Either you are running for many years or you are just going to make his first jog around the house, there is always the opportunity to diversify your workout. And this will help new technologies. In front of you — 5 apps that motivate, prompt some stretching, prevents injury and even will protect you during the evening Jogging.

1. Running for the weight loss

Platform: iOS

Price: $2.99

Suitable for: interval training

If every morning you run out onto the streets (or stormed the treadmill in order to lose weight, Running for Weight Loss will help you effectively get rid of unwanted pounds. You need to choose one of three difficulty levels — and the application itself predit you with relevant training program. Alternating walking, moderate running and different types of sprints throughout your workout will be a good load and at the same time you will never get bored.

Pros: Intuitive interface and simple operation of the application itself. One click — and start the warm-up. If desired, this application can be combined with other — such as FitBit, RunKeeper or MapMyRun to create a full — fledged multi-faceted workout.

Cons: the Intervals are quite predictable — once you understand the principle of drawing up, you will automatically begin to “adapt” to the next interval sprint or walk. While running you can listen to any music from your smartphone — but only if started before, as launched in the app itself (at the time of the application to change the track or album anymore).

2. Nike+ Running

Platform: iOS; Android

Cost: free

Suitable for: the real fans Nike

After recommendations of users of the Nike+ Running app is much improved — added more extensive training schemes. Now running through the city has become more convenient, as there is no need to manually set the app to pause as soon as the red light.

Pros: If you are keen Nike products, this app — for you. It can be synchronized with other Nike products, for example, Fuelband, or unrelated Jogging Nike, for example, Nike Training Club.

Cons: numerous features of the application is combined with an even greater number of settings; most likely will need more than one run to configure the settings as would be convenient for you. Periodically the app is so overloaded with additional functions that it needs to reboot to work correctly.

3. Kitestring

Platform: web

Cost: 8 runs in a month — for free

Suitable for: “owls” and the fans to run late at night

If you like to run alone, but you worry about their safety on the streets, the Kitestring app created just for you. It’s not even an app in the truest sense of the word — no need to download (or even have a smartphone). But you need to register on the website before a run and write a text message about what you went for a run and time your return. In response you will receive a message after ozhidaemogo the end of the run. If you do not respond to the message or don’t show up online, Kitestring will send an automatic message to the specified registration contact for such emergencies.

Pros: Although during the run it is better to stay still in the network service area, you can be sure that your adventure will not remove the second part of the film “127 hours”.

Cons: If you are actively sanjayas run it in the evenings, we proposed eight free runs may not be enough. In any case, better to be safe than sorry.

4. Strong runner

Platform: iOS; Android

Cost: basic functionality for free

Suitable for: healthy and safe running

This app has not only a standard set of functions each training applications, but also some welcome additions. While Jogging felt a surge of pain? The app will suggest possible causes of discomfort and give some advice. To avoid injury while running, you can thanks a good warm-up the warm-up, — the application will offer you a set of exercises developed by a marathoner and his therapist just for runners.

Pros: Extremely comfortable making this app simple, uncomplicated design. Exercises Strong runner app performs real people, and it once again proves the availability of each individual exercise.

Cons: Despite the free major feature for some additional training on different muscle groups will still have to pay extra.

Platform: iOS; Android; Windows

Cost: free

Suitable for: friends on sports

The Endomondo app will be great not only for runners, but also for many other athletes who train outdoors. The app integrates into the social network — iprize you to share your records. You can prisoedinyalsa to the training programs of your friends — or to try to surpass them.

Pros: the App syncs with Fitbit, Garmin, Jabra, — and is available for most smartphones. If you have been involved in fitness, you will appreciate how important it is not to start from scratch, but just attach the results achieved to those who only plan to achieve.

Cons: the Main functions of the app — free, but plans to obtain Jogging will need to pay $2.50 a month. Plus the workouts that you spend at home (e.g. on a treadmill) will have to enter manually.

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