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After treadmill workout literally went to pieces

“After treadmill workout literally went to pieces”. What you pay for players

Three training sessions a day and lots of running. Team player-favorite the highest League told about the loads that players endure during their training camp in Turkey.

Fans often blame the players, they say, those never get a lot of money. The players respond that in sports ruining your health. Offseason, according to players, the hottest time. Yes, like many teams do in Turkey, but it turns out there players to dally? Shopping, discotheques, alcoholic stupor, we decided to find out if this is relevant fees.

We volunteered to help a player of one of the leading teams of the championship of Belarus. He agreed to report regularly about the activities and moved to their course loads. We do not name the name of the interlocutor or the club for which he plays. You never know, the player said some things and gave some coaching secrets.

So there you go.

Day one

The collection was flying with a stopover in Istanbul. Turned out to be long and tedious. In the hotel arrived late. In a short meeting we were told the work plan for the near future and presented the agenda. So, the first workout at 9:30. Before her mandatory weight control. Second in 15:30. After–gym.

We “quarterwe” on the third floor. On the territory of two football fields. One basic – with a stand. The second training. In addition there is a pool, tennis courts, a nice gym, sauna, etc. In General, all that is necessary to the athlete.

Day two

Surprisingly woke up easily. Heavy road as usual. Right along with the roommate tuned for serious work. Morning practice was a retractor. Lasted 45 minutes. To warm up, ran a few circles along the field. Then worked with the ball. After lunch it was already heavier. Ran 6 miles in a circle. The stadium is equipped with treadmills. One circle is 500 metres away. At every kilometer made a small pause. The tempo was not high. Run a mile – a slight pause. Then again kilometre. Pace small. The circle was given a little over two minutes.

Then went to the gym. At 45 minutes. 12 stations: balancer, elastic band, pushups, abs and so on. For each given 30 seconds. Worked on two people on the projectile. In a fairly intense pace, went three rounds.

Day three

The first lesson was with the ball. The field was divided into several zones, where detection and specific exercises. Pass had three circles. After you’ve stretched your legs a simple exercise of holding the ball and played football 5 on 5 three teams. Each played two mini-match. After the workout felt pretty tired. So I fell asleep almost immediately. I usually sleep between workouts: habit. Evening classes almost no different from yesterday. Only the number of laps increased to 14, and the circle was reduced. After running went to the hall where everything was as the day before.

Day four

The morning was sufficient intensive work with the ball. But the second workout was pure football. Quickly warmed up and played football. Three times for 15 minutes with different tasks on a certain number of touches. The pace dictated by the coach. Constantly customized, asked to do everything faster. The evening ended with work in the hall.

Day five

Three full workouts. The first is the work on the field with the ball (the class lasted 45 to 50 minutes). The second – cross-country: cross of eight kilometers. On pulse. Each player on hand was assigned to the device, showing his heart rate at the moment. Had to run so that the pulse is not exceeded. I, for example, is 170 beats per minute. In addition, the circle had to run for some time. In the gym again, no surprises – 12 stations and tasks. After stretching, sauna and pool rescue. Evenings with my partner watching movies. Almost on a daily basis. Playing Play Station. Well, some sitting on the Internet. Downstairs the hotel has a bar where you can drink coffee or tea. But we are basically in the room – the strength to walk.

Day six

At the weigh-noted that the weight went down. A little more skin – and will be generally okay. Morning training is completely copied yesterday. The ball work on technique practiced for 15-20 minutes. Next, worked on special assignments. And at the end of training to play football. In three hours started the next treadmill exercise. This time ran 10 miles with heart rate monitors. It was very hard. Especially on tired legs. In General, exhausted decent. But the gym has not been canceled. 12 stations! Just changed jobs.

The seventh day

Two training sessions with the ball. In the morning I played football three times for 10 minutes, performing a variety of tactical tasks – getting ready for tomorrow’s sparring. At the end of the class broke on goal from the penalty and with 11-meter mark. Evening training culminated in a bilateral match for 20 minutes, in which simulated various game situations. Because tomorrow the game, the gym was optional. Decided to have a little stretch.

Day eight

The first training session was short and was more like a warm-up. Then a little work out in the gym. After lunch was the setting for the game and the match itself.

Day nine

The morning was the recovery session. First 40 minutes in the hall: streching, press. Then a 20 minute jog around the field. Almost any load. The second workout was not closed. Someone watching the play of other teams, someone went shopping. We sat down with a neighbor to watch TV. After dinner we walked around the city and playing Xbox. By the way, looked before leaving, how much is enough for the collection. Passed over almost 44 hours.

Day ten

The morning after the workout was sprint. With the ball and without it ran at different distances. Further – playing exercises. All in all it was 50 minutes. The second exercise was long – almost an hour and a half. Warmed up squares and exercises on ball control. Worked on finishing. And in the end played football 10 10.

Day eleven

All morning session was devoted to tactics before the next sparring. Broke into two teams and obeyed the instructions of the coach. Before the game we were given a rest. The match it was obvious that we were tired. And 15-20 minutes ran very hard. Then ran, and it was easier.

In the evening worked on finalization, then played in three colours. Two teams against each other, and a neutral stand on the perimeter and help the attacker. At the end of the workout was a little fun. To leave could only hit the crossbar from the penalty. I went not last!

Day twelve

The first training was built completely on the ball drills: warm-up, monitoring, completion. In appendage played indoor soccer 4 on 4. After the lesson, we were warned that in the evening everything will be much harder, we run 10 kilometers. However, at the last moment, the coaching staff changed plans. Apparently, the coach realized that we were very tired and instead gave 10 5,5 kilometers. All, of course, was delighted, but soon. Ran fartlek – fast-slow. 100 meters quickly, the next 100 slowly. And so on. After running went to the gym. 14 stations, three rounds of 30 seconds on the projectile.

Day thirteen

The hardest day! After the warm-up at a very hard pace played football three times for 15 minutes. Coach constantly increased speed, he commanded: “Forward! Move! The higher defense, defense below!” Very intensive work. After dinner we again ran. This time 9 kilometers. The circle was given on average fifteen minutes. Got to the end. However, those who collapsed on the course. After training literally all sprawled in the bath and pool.

Day fourteen

After yesterday’s tough practice today was simple. Morning warm-up, practice long passes and tennisball. Evening warm-up, complete with standards, football. In addition, this day cancelled the mandatory gym. Additional load only on request. Generally on the last day usually takes the shortest training camp.

After the coaching staff conducted the installation and gave free time before the game. After the match collection was completed. Generally, it is not the most difficult two weeks in his career. It was quite tolerable. Only can play Xbox tired. Looked before leaving – enough of almost 44 hours.