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The fungi are found everywhere in the environment. The elephant's skin is so wrinkly partly to increase surface area to shed warmth from its body. Anti-fungal ointments are expensive, often too expensive for treating full-blown cases. Leyonhjelm to fight Hanson-Young's defamation accusation. The elephant will have copiously flowing tears, red eyes, swelling and signs of infection. Ventral oedema is a sign of something wrong inside the elephant's body.

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We all have a fibrous matrix that holds our skin together and supports the blood vessels and the fine blood vessels.

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Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. This makes older people more vulnerable to bruising because the internal structure of their skin just is not as capable of holding the blood vessels firmly in place. So they do have thicker skin," Dr Miller said. There can be a host of reasons for bruising easily. Without treatment, such conditions will damage the animal's general health. Warts develop quickly, growing in size and in number in weeks, and they often fall off and disappear on their own. Har du inget konto?

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