Rejuvenate after a workout
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How to run 3 km in 12 minutes.
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Buy power simulator for home

Discs for barbells and dumbbells

Modern man neglects his physical abilities in favor of intellectual work. Disappearing for days on end in the office, over time, a person feels a constant drowsiness, fatigue sets in quickly, and the body begins to openly break. Body movements and loads. And this will help you have plenty of strength equipment for the home. Regular exercise involving strength training will provide muscle tone, body flexibility and General strengthening of the immune system.

To buy home weight training sports offers you online store Bodyactiv. We

have a wide range and our prices will be the most attractive. Purchase professional strength training equipment for the fitness center or for home. Read the instructions on safety trainer, home use is simple, enjoyable and productive. Sport strength equipment for the home (shop simulators Bodyactiv) – the choice of strong, purposeful, healthy people!

Why you need strength training

Want fitness, toned body and grace in his movements? Want to buy the long-awaited self-confidence at work, at the beach, in your personal life? Want to feel courage and a tireless desire to do more and move faster, better, stronger? To do this you need to buy power equipment for home and beginning a regular exercise program. To make bargain offers you shop simulators Bodyactiv.

If you live in a big city and spend in the way of a large amount of time, we suggest you to save on trips to the fitness center. Several strength training at home will allow you to exercise at any time convenient for you. The price of the gym – the price of the ideal shape and improved well-being, it is not necessary to sacrifice sitting in our high-tech age. Buying cheap professional strength training (online store Bodyactiv) and getting on with their regular use, you will be proud of yourself. After each workout, the feeling of happiness (this is thrown out endorphins into the blood).

Stop the never-ending vicious circle “Sofa-auto-work-auto-sofa”, add in your life quality of training. Hurry to buy cheap strength training with delivery across Russia. Shop simulators Bodyactiv offers a great selection and the best prices in Russia. See it for yourself.

Power simulator. The advantages in your home:

The opportunity to save on fitness center. If you decide once to buy a power simulator for the home, you can operate it as a family. The trainer has a lifetime of at least 10 years, and with proper care strength training will last even longer. The price of equipment (online store Bodyactiv) may seem high, but in the future you spend the same money on a season ticket, travel, mineral water for many years. As a conclusion, to buy a simulator – it is inexpensive, because the simulators for the home exclude incidental expenses for training.

Choose your exercise program. For professional athletes and strong men who want to always stay in shape, we offer you to buy a simulator and independently to ensure that the training results. Pick your program, execute it as many times that is convenient to you. The trainer in your home eliminates the phenomenon of place, because you are using it only that more hygienic. Shop simulators Bodyactiv offers reasonable prices for most popular fitness machines for the home.

Regular practice at home. Sale strength training (online store Bodyactiv) offers you to buy not just the simulator, and the silent trainer for the home, controlling the regularity of the workout. How often it happens that the rain outside the window and a slight headache are forced to stay home and not go to the gym. If you decide to buy inexpensive weight training, you will be able to effectively deal with their own laziness. The simulator will not stand idle and not covered with dust.

Shop simulators Bodyactiv glad to offer you professional strength equipment for the home, and a variety of prices depending on the type and functionality of the simulators will allow you to choose the most appropriate equipment for maximum workout results.

Types of strength training

The status of the sports institution, be it a fitness center or gym, determines the quantity and quality of sports equipment. The higher the price of the simulator, more modern and functional equipment, the better results you will achieve in this school. Online store Bodyactiv offers to buy exercise equipment, both for home use and for commercial use. We offers following range of products:

Plate load exercise equipment

The free weights


Bench rack

Block handles

Swedish wall

Horizontal bars

Vultures and rod

accessories and additional equipment.

Our store provides you with the ability of the wealthy to find and buy a simulator. Right in the catalog you can sort the equipment by manufacturer, select a price range, sort from higher price to lower, or Vice versa. If you have any difficulties with the selection of equipment, please contact our managers by phones specified on the website Online store Bodyactiv will help to buy a simulator, the most suitable for your purposes.