Charging for pregnant exercises 1, 2, 3 trimesters
Charging for pregnant women – cheerful mom and a healthy baby Charging – the key to excellent physical and health condition of the pregnant woman and the health of her unborn baby. Physical exercise is…

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Clothes for running
The right clothes for running – public and low-cost in financial terms sport, which involved thousands of people all over the world. Like shoes, clothes for running plays an important role in the effectiveness of…

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After treadmill workout literally went to pieces
"After treadmill workout literally went to pieces". What you pay for players Three training sessions a day and lots of running. Team player-favorite the highest League told about the loads that players endure during their…

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Yoga for healing and rejuvenation

Yoga for healing and rejuvenation of organs of the human body

Yoga is not only exercise (asanas), it’s a whole cultural concept of Hinduism and Buddhism. We have the term yoga is often only understood by a set of exercises with which the monks were preparing your body for long meditation. Well at least their use in due time was confirmed by scientists and not even one generation, but because the exercises were not put under the ban.

However, in the countries of Asia recovery through yoga has long and widely

disseminated. In Europe it is, unfortunately, appeared only in the last century, but since then, this doctrine had many adherents and schools. In order to understand the principle effects of asanas and mirovozzrenie on the body, it is necessary to know a little about the main Continue reading


Treadmill. Use, how to properly walk on a treadmill

Treadmills for home use many people acquire to eliminate extra weight, although it would cost to do the opposite – buy them when you’re in great shape to maintain this form without problems. Any trainers, and treadmills including, are not meant to “lose fat”, although for this purpose they are excellent – especially the equipment we need to maintain the health and beauty of the body.

The use of treadmill training

So what kind of benefits to our body classes on the treadmill?

Of course, they train and strengthen our muscles: the main burden falls on the muscles of the legs – calves and thighs, and shoulder belt – this is facilitated by the rhythmic strokes of his hands. Intercostal muscles and the abdominal muscles is also actively train: this ensures proper operation of the heart and lungs – it’s no secret that in our time with this many serious problems. Get a load of not only skeletal muscle because Continue reading

Simulator for home

Simulator for home — what to choose?

Let us consider this segment as home equipment. An inexperienced buyer will easily get lost in the modern variety of the models. Frequently asked questions: what exactly is the trainer to choose, to meet all requirements, and that the correct criteria by which you choose home fitness equipment? What simulator are you going to do with pleasure, and without excessive costs?

First you need to define the objectives. What exactly you want to achieve through the simulator? To lose weight, tighten muscles, improve your health,

look younger and more attractive, and maybe to get rid of cellulite?

In this case you fit some cardio, which means loads of low intensity will help your body to lose extra calories, enrich the blood with oxygen to develop lungs.

Cardio now a great many, the most popular type of home cardio equipment — treadmills. At the price they vary by type (mechanical or electrical), Continue reading