How to choose a power simulator
  How to choose a power simulator? Modern strength training is a necessary basis for effective recruitment of muscle mass and a significant increase in strength. In addition, they have proven themselves and for other…

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Rejuvenate after a workout
I'm looking for: Ride For many bike – the strongest childhood dream. Oh, how I wanted "to drive a bike" on the yards and streets of his native city or forest tracks in the country!…

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Treadmill for weight loss Have you noticed that your body began to change for the better? And you've decided to engage in the fight against excess weight through running. but here's the problem — no…

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How to run 3 km in 12 minutes.

How to run 3 km in 12 minutes.

Exclusive training program from StyleFitness, will allow to reach a good level in running, and answer the question “how to run 3 miles in just 12 minutes?”

How to run 3 km in 12 minutes or the required standard for the TRP-shnik

The beautiful result is the ability to perform the standard TRP, that is to run 3 km in 12 minutes. However, I would like to clarify that such a result can be achieved only trained athletes who regularly engaged in running and

without bad habits.

For such results, runners need to concentrate on how to train speed, efficient use of oxygen and aerobic power. Learn about how to run 3 km in 12 minutes will help General recommendations:

Get rid of excess weight

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Parkour class for hardy

“Vlad and Co”, or Parkour class for hardy

“IP” Lyudmila Khmelevskaya

Vlad Benicewicz laminarin, studying in 11 class, school №2. He has a rather unusual hobby parkour.

Parkour is not a sport. It is a combination of skills body, which at the right moment can be used in different situations. The essence of parkour is movement and overcoming obstacles of various kinds. These can be considered as architectural structures (railings, parapets, walls) and a

specially made design, etc.

Vlad, in Luninets many high school students are passionate about parkour. In his spare time he’s with his friends going to school yards, stadiums for training. Of great importance is the support of friends and own achieving new results. No less important is the reaction rate, the ability to assess the situation and physical abilities. Importantly, the ability to properly distribute body weight and calculate the speed. The ability to properly use energy reduces the effect of mass on the motion of the body and gives Continue reading

The impact of exercise on organism

The impact of exercise on the body

Health is a measure of physical and mental status of the individual. The condition of the body can tell about the level of human life, the quality of its food, the presence of physical and even ecological living environment. Depending on these factors changes, hormonal background of an organism. Hormonal destructive changes in the body and damage the immune system and make it vulnerable against many different diseases. And it is difficult to overestimate the beneficial impact of exercise on the body.

Physical activity helps the body to resist various hormonal destructors.

These include pesticides, retardants, various cosmetics and medicines. Let us see what are these Physical activities, and why they are needed.

Useful exercise: physiotherapy

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