The benefits of swimming, swimming for weight loss, gymnastics in water
The benefits of swimming, swimming for weight loss Probably swimming is the best type of load for those who have back problems. According to Professor I. B. Jarkovskogo, that water is the most favorable environment…

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Buy power simulator for home
Discs for barbells and dumbbells Modern man neglects his physical abilities in favor of intellectual work. Disappearing for days on end in the office, over time, a person feels a constant drowsiness, fatigue sets in…

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How to choose a power simulator
  How to choose a power simulator? Modern strength training is a necessary basis for effective recruitment of muscle mass and a significant increase in strength. In addition, they have proven themselves and for other…

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Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Your usual morning worse than any nightmare – the sound of the alarm clock acts as a shot, a warm blanket does not want to let go, and his eyes refuse to open up and view the world? And even on the street and on public transport you continue to desperately fight off sleep, with its own lethargy and apathy, quietly hating this time of the day and those who looks fresher and fresher, so that in the end, gradually merging into the monotony and

routine of everyday working life?

Now, at the end of the summer, when the body is full of strength and energy, like memories look at least funny. But we should not sit with each Continue reading

Which sport is better for weight loss running

Which sport is better for weight loss: running/Biking or swimming?

This article will give you recommendations from professionals for men. You can choose any sport, the main thing that it was you like. Because if you do, you will enjoy it, and the result you will spend more time. The most popular cardio exercises are running, swimming, and Biking. Of course, all of these sports can assist in reducing weight and achieving the desired forms. This article will compare these three types of sport and their effectiveness.

How many calories consumed

The most calories you can lose doing regular Jogging or running on a treadmill. Depending on how much you weigh and the speed with which you will run for an hour you can burn Continue reading

5 apps for everyone who started running this spring

5 apps for everyone who started running this spring (or sooner)

Either you are running for many years or you are just going to make his first jog around the house, there is always the opportunity to diversify your workout. And this will help new technologies. In front of you — 5 apps that motivate, prompt some stretching, prevents injury and even will protect you during the evening Jogging.

1. Running for the weight loss

Platform: iOS

Price: $2.99

Suitable for: interval training

If every morning you run out onto the streets (or stormed the treadmill in order to lose weight, Running for Weight Loss will help you effectively get rid of unwanted pounds. You need to choose one of three difficulty levels — and the application itself predit you with relevant training program. Alternating walking, moderate running and different types of sprints throughout your workout will be a good load and at the same time you will never Continue reading

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