The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient
The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient to avoid obesity The main page of half-minute Medical news enough physical activity to avoid obesity Regular 30-second exercise is capable of handle the relationship of the body…

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Parkour class for hardy
"Vlad and Co", or Parkour class for hardy "IP" Lyudmila Khmelevskaya Vlad Benicewicz laminarin, studying in 11 class, school №2. He has a rather unusual hobby parkour. Parkour is not a sport. It is a…

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Fitness walking for weight loss
9 ideas for fun and useful fitness walks Typically, many people start walking with great enthusiasm. You have fun walking almost every day, believing that they have finally found the easiest and most affordable way…

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Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Your usual morning worse than any nightmare – the sound of the alarm clock acts as a shot, a warm blanket does not want to let go, and his eyes refuse to open up and view the world? And even on the street and on public transport you continue to desperately fight off sleep, with its own lethargy and apathy, quietly hating this time of the day and those who looks fresher and fresher, so that in the end, gradually merging into the monotony and

routine of everyday working life?

Now, at the end of the summer, when the body is full of strength and energy, like memories look at least funny. But we should not sit with each Continue reading


Treadmill. Use, how to properly walk on a treadmill

Treadmills for home use many people acquire to eliminate extra weight, although it would cost to do the opposite – buy them when you’re in great shape to maintain this form without problems. Any trainers, and treadmills including, are not meant to “lose fat”, although for this purpose they are excellent – especially the equipment we need to maintain the health and beauty of the body.

The use of treadmill training

So what kind of benefits to our body classes on the treadmill?

Of course, they train and strengthen our muscles: the main burden falls on the muscles of the legs – calves and thighs, and shoulder belt – this is facilitated by the rhythmic strokes of his hands. Intercostal muscles and the abdominal muscles is also actively train: this ensures proper operation of the heart and lungs – it’s no secret that in our time with this many serious problems. Get a load of not only skeletal muscle because Continue reading

Simulator for home

Simulator for home — what to choose?

Let us consider this segment as home equipment. An inexperienced buyer will easily get lost in the modern variety of the models. Frequently asked questions: what exactly is the trainer to choose, to meet all requirements, and that the correct criteria by which you choose home fitness equipment? What simulator are you going to do with pleasure, and without excessive costs?

First you need to define the objectives. What exactly you want to achieve through the simulator? To lose weight, tighten muscles, improve your health,

look younger and more attractive, and maybe to get rid of cellulite?

In this case you fit some cardio, which means loads of low intensity will help your body to lose extra calories, enrich the blood with oxygen to develop lungs.

Cardio now a great many, the most popular type of home cardio equipment — treadmills. At the price they vary by type (mechanical or electrical), Continue reading

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