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Charging for pregnant exercises 1, 2, 3 trimesters

Charging for pregnant women – cheerful mom and a healthy baby

Charging – the key to excellent physical and health condition of the pregnant woman and the health of her unborn baby. Physical exercise is recommended to perform at any time. The load level is determined individually and depends on the physical training of women, as well as the duration of pregnancy.

Charging for pregnant women: its importance

Unfortunately, not all ladies are in a position to understand the importance of physical exercise and not all of them perform. One does not want to do exercises, while others are just afraid to hurt the baby and I don’t know what exercises you can do pregnant.

It should be noted that physical activity has a positive effect on the muscles of the body. With this service you can keep yourself in shape, not overweight, prevent the formation of stretch marks. During exercise practicing breathing. It is of great importance. Through proper breathing childbirth will flow easier, and the probability of occurrence of asphyxia of the baby will be reduced to zero.

Physical exercise also affect the psychological state. Woman, doing them daily, feels a surge of strength and vigor. Charging for pregnant gives energy and good mood for the whole day.

But not all women in the position of the permitted load. From exercise will have to give, if there are any contraindications. In order not to harm yourself and your baby, you should definitely visit your doctor and discuss with him the question.

When pregnant it is undesirable to do exercises?

A woman should not exercise if:

there is a sickness, and it is accompanied by vomiting;

when last pregnancy was a miscarriage;

the uterus is in good shape;

observed preeclampsia in the second half of pregnancy;

the placenta is too low;

have any diseases (e.g., SARS, gastritis, diabetes);

there is pain in the abdomen.

If morning exercise for pregnant women will deliver discomfort, it should be discontinued. Thus, the expectant mother when choosing the set of exercises should not only listen to the advice of medical professionals and instructors, but also to listen to your body.

As a pregnant woman exercise?

A pregnant woman should do exercise, being in good spirits and excellent health. All movements should be smooth . It is impossible to do sharp turns and slopes, jump, run, lift weights.

If you are performing gymnastics have any symptoms of poor health, it is necessary to stop, to pause, and then, instead of exercise to do some breathing or even to release that day from school. When pregnancy is unacceptable to overwork .

You cannot do exercise, setting a goal — to lose weight. Exercise for pregnant women is designed to maintain muscle tone, preparing the body for childbirth.

Charging for pregnant women in trimester 1

The first 12 weeks is the most important period for the mother and her fetus. At this time the woman in the body undergo fundamental changes, and the fetus has laid important organs. Charging for early pregnancy should be aimed at training the breath, maintaining a good mood and cheerful spirit, body relaxation.

Morning exercise in the 1st trimester should be performed every day for 15-20 minutes. Exercises you can start with a crossover step .

You can then perform the torso tilts left and right, legs spread with feet shoulder width apart.

The following exercise is a forward bend . make the exhale and return to starting position with Commission breath. So it is recommended to repeat 5 or 6 times.

Then, putting his hands on the belt, you can do backbends . doing breath. Returning to the starting position, you need to make exhalation.

To finish daily morning exercises for pregnant women in 1st trimester can circular rotations of the feet and by standing on tiptoe. This exercise will help avoid cramping of the legs and varicose veins.

Charging for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester

the 2nd trimester is the safest period during pregnancy. This time is favorable for physical exertion. The probability of miscarriage is low, so simple exercises will not harm the fetus, and will be only him and my mother on benefits. In addition, the charging will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Toxicosis in this time will not agonize, and a woman could enjoy their situation and exercise. The recommended length of charge for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester – no more than 30-35 minutes.

Start charging you in a sitting position, crossing his legs and making turns his head to the right and left side. Then, spreading his arms to the sides, you should make a few smooth turns of the case .

The second exercise is aimed at strengthening the chest muscles . It can be included in the charge for early pregnancy. The woman, bringing his hands at chest level, should try as much as possible to get his palm. Performing this exercise, you can feel the chest muscles.

Then you can sit on the floor. The buttocks should be touching the heels. Knees it is recommended to push to the tummy is not pinched. The arms must be stretched forward, to bend down and touch his forehead to floor.

To finish the charging can trunk rotation . Pelvis when doing this exercise must remain stationary.

Charging for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester

In the 3rd trimester the woman is in the situation it is very difficult to perform any physical exercise. At this period it is recommended to charge at a special ball – fitball . Exercises on interesting, comfortable and safe for pregnant. Due to all the exercise on gym ball reduced pressure, normal heart function and blood circulation, improves health, improves mood. An exercise ball allows you to perform the exercises for arms and chest, and buttocks with the hips.

To begin daily exercises for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester you can sit on the ball, gently swaying to the right and left side. Then, taking mild dumbbells, alternately bend the arms .

The woman in position, sitting on the floor cross-legged, can rhythmically compress hands to the ball . This exercise has a positive effect on the chest muscles.

To continue the exercises can turns in different directions. Sitting on the ball, you should turn to the right, keeping your left hand behind the right leg. In this position, recommended to be 1-2 minutes. Such actions should be performed after the turn to the left. Due to this exercise will stretch the back muscles.

You can then roll the ball in different directions, getting to his feet, spreading them shoulder-width apart and bending your back. Fitball you roll back and forth, smoothly hand over hand. This exercise allows you to take the pressure off the shoulder joints.

To complete the charging can exercise for strengthening your legs . The woman should lie on the ball with your feet apart at shoulder width, and ride in such position on the fitball back and forth.

Charging for pregnant women in the late stages can cause uterine tone. Boggle is not worth it. Such is the physiology. Feeling pain and increased heart rate, should immediately stop charging. Better instead of physical exercises to perform several breathing.

Breathing exercises for pregnant women

A pregnant woman should perform not only physical exercises. Great importance is played by breathing exercises. It is known that during childbirth can reduce the pain by using breathing, so each lady should know specific techniques that will further help. Before the birth they should be performed regularly, as they serve as a kind of relaxation.

One of the exercises must be sent to practice diaphragmatic breathing . Need to do a deep breath, putting one hand on his chest and the other on her tummy. Breathing should be through the nose. It is very important that the chest was still and the abdomen during inspiration were raised.

The following exercises should be aimed at practice this breathing . It will be the same as when practicing diaphragmatic breathing. The difference will consist only in the fact that the stomach needs to be fixed, and her chest should rise.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that many women in the position of pondering the issue of whether pregnant to do exercises. The answer to this question for a particular case may give the doctor. In General, physical and breathing exercises have a positive effect on the mother and on the fetus, but there are certain contraindications exercises should not be performed.

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