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Clothes for running

The right clothes for running

– public and low-cost in financial terms sport, which involved thousands of people all over the world. Like shoes, clothes for running plays an important role in the effectiveness of training.

To spend huge sums on sports kit is not worth it. Importantly, the selected items were performing the tasks, set before the athlete-runner. One of the primary criteria is undoubtedly comfort.

T-shirt for running

While running the whole human body is in motion. Given this, it is necessary to carefully select not only shoes and pants for Jogging, but also appropriate shirt. Strolling through the store, bypassing the racks of t-shirts made of natural materials such as cotton. As running apparel, this fabric is, alas, not perfect. While Jogging is accelerated transpiration, while the cotton fabric, though, and quickly absorbs moisture, dries long that the cool time can cause hypothermia. Instead, give preference Mike and t-shirts of synthetic material, made by a special technology so that the moisture from the body quickly absorbs and evaporates immediately with a tissue surface.

Among models of t-shirts popularity has earned t-shirts, shoes, t-shirt with round neck and feminine bra short tops. The latter, incidentally, perform another important function – Nadejda fixation of the breast.

The same principle should purchase and shorts or pants for Jogging. Any part in their choice. The only time shorts or pants should be comfortable, breathable.

Sport shoes for running

The best and perhaps the only correct option footwear for Jogging is shoes. For this purpose it is best to choose shoes with thick soles that perfectly absorbs foot shock on the surface, and attenuating pads-inserts will make contact with the ground more soft and safe for the joints. Another mandatory criterion when buying shoes for running is shoes size. It is advisable to choose shoes in a half size up.

Need to ensure that while running, the toes are not rested on the toe of the boot that can easily injure the foot. The perfect running shoes should fit the foot, without any discomfort during movement. Another important point is the breathable mesh on the surface of the sneaker. This element will ensure a good ventilation of the feet. High price and availability of the decor in this case, not the primary criterion. The main function of running shoes for Jogging is to provide a reliable protection of the feet and to withstand long jogs.

Keen runners, nothing can stop, even bad weather. Choose a set of clothes according to the weather situation outside. Even in winter you can go Jogging, if you have the necessary set of sportswear. If you are going to run in the cool season, you should pick up a set and for this occasion – tight long pants, jacket or hoodie.