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Educational health course

Educational health course

Simple, obvious, and in all respects the most affordable course in which regardless of age or physical condition you will get visible results.

The aim of the course is mastering the skills of self-regeneration and self-regulation processes in your body that are inherent in Human Nature itself. Wisdom, adapted to the European perception will be able to reveal to You these opportunities and provide the tools to achieve the desired result.

Areas of work of course:

Actual restoration of physical health.

Strengthening the resilience of the immune and other vital systems to adverse environmental influences.

Start the process of accelerated tissue regeneration and, as a consequence, the human rejuvenation

Qualitative improvement in daily well-being, mental state, overall tone and health.

The best results are achieved in the following groups of diseases:

Eye disease

The perfusion of the


ENT diseases

Respiratory illness

Problems of the digestive tract

Damage to the skin, burns and scars

Diseases of the genitourinary system

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

There are cases of exit from severe forms of various diseases. This largely depends on the character and the mood in the restoration of health. The result is harmonious with your Body and Soul, without the use of hypnosis techniques, autosuggestion, etc. solely at the expense of exercise of course. There is nothing that distracts from life, as the struggle for existence.

What it means for You “healthy”? How long have you felt? Health – it is the joy of life. This posuwanie his body under different loads and alone. This is the state when it is unclear where exactly is particular organ, so well and smoothly the system works. When You are healthy mentally and physically – the mood complies with all the rich possibilities of the soul of a healthy person, in whom is no pressure jealousy, anger, selfishness. Life feels wonderful – regardless of age. Attitude is consonant with the surrounding world, nature. Around You formed a special atmosphere: there are pleasant events, are attracted to positive people, there are solutions.

Health – it’s not just Your personal, and social value: the more healthy and happy people on Earth – the better the lives of everyone who was next. Body – is not a slave or master. They help each other to be bright, cheerful, strong, happy. When the soul is put above the body or the body above the soul – is skewed. Sometimes spiritual development associated with tough in relation to body methods: the body is forced to starve, to check the impact of different diets or lots of physical activity. Most often consent own body no one asks. But our body is not just alive, it is reasonable. It is important to get used to feel it, to understand, to respond to his call and improve it – naturally. Health – the energy that can accumulate, develop and can be destroyed. And the disease – disharmony, lack of freedom.

Academic recovery course – this is a basic management techniques by the body. As a result of practice You will be able to restore physical health, eyesight, boost immunity, improve health, increase vitality, performance, improve sleep, speed up the process of tissue regeneration, and thus to rejuvenate the body. Results are usually noticeable within the first few days of classes.



mental illness;

the treatment with the use of tranquilizers or psychotropic drugs;

alcohol and drug addiction;


Oncology 3-4 stage;

blood pressure above 160-90 mmHg. article;

a brain tumor;

aneurysm of the vessels.