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Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer – reviews about the benefits of practice

Male. City – Kazan. The diagnosis – Chronic cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis. Reputation – 171.3 Administrator

I highly recommend training on this type of equipment.

For starters, a little about why I need to exercise? Physical activity, movement – it’s a physiological need of the human body as food and drink. If physical activity is not enough, then a person begins to feel discomfort, the reasons for which he may not even be aware of. This

discomfort can manifest in the form of physical ailments, exacerbation of chronic diseases, worsening of mood, irritability, susceptibility to stress and even depression.

When the examination of the gallbladder (ultrasound, duodenal intubation), was found to be in breach of its contractility, congestion, cholecystitis. Physician recommendations were made to improve physical activity in the form of a practice by certain kinds of physical therapy, including exercises involving the area of a press, of the abdomen. And exercises were recommended without problems, i.e. without lifting weights, without practice weights.

Probably the best sport in this case was running in the forest area, but this proved difficult to implement:

– Park right near there was at least within walking distance for Jogging at least every other day;

– still, for me, running in crowded places requires internal mobilization and organization with this problem. Yes and I am to lazy such cases.

In General, this has not really happened. Then decided that we should swim. Benefits to health from use of the pool was palpable, but he was away from home, Yes two times a week, I seemed to be not sufficient for better results.

After made his home bar, pulled himself up on it every day.

For that you can do at home and not spend time on the road in fitness center and money to buy a subscription started home on the bike. Did not like the fact that it is not a strain on your whole body.

Then finally bought the shares at a discount elliptical trainer and was very happy with the sensations during and after exercise. At first was engaged for 20 minutes a day. To do on this machine is nice. Based on my physique picked the best mode for yourself load equal to 13.

Over time, increased the duration of training on the elliptical trainer to 1 hour. Sometimes, the mood was engaged for 1.5 hours. One hour with 13 mode burned about 300 calories, and 1.5 hours to about 450 calories. While training is necessary to open the window to the body is saturated with oxygen. Even if it’s winter, the temperature drop in the room felt even through the 10 minutes, because the body is very very warm and after 20 minutes starts to sweat. When that starts to burn fat, and the load and on the abdomen and chest muscles. So, I strongly advise training on such a simulator girls aspiring to an ideal figure and weight loss.

During and after a workout, the brain like purged, better think. Relax the Central nervous system. Most importantly, with long-term pumping of the entire body by increased blood flow during exercise, to all organs, including patients, began to be delivered oxygen and essential nutrients for “repair” and “restore”. It is during exercise in the body to produce substances necessary for him to “patching holes” in diseased organs. Unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines considerably weaken already during training. On the second or third day such violations of the intestine, diarrhoea, constipation and bloating considerably weaken. The energy that the body spent for the maintenance of spasms of the intestine and biliary tracts, now spent on physical activity. It should be noted that Gribkova microorganisms (Candida, candida albicans), often accompanying such diseases as intestinal dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome. candidiasis of the genitalia (thrush), various forms of depression, does not like oxygen. Yeast infection candida albicans – anaerobic infection, that is, actively develops only in a limited access of oxygen. Thus, intensive pumping of oxygen during prolonged exercise in cyclic sports significantly hinders the development of this fungal flora in the body. Also during prolonged exercise in the body (in the blood) shifts the acid-base balance (blood PH), in the saliva of lactic acid, which also helps to podavleniyu pathogenic microflora in the gastro-intestinal tract and the development of useful.

Intensive and regular training on the simulator contribute to the regulation of intestinal function, normalization of his motor skills. This means that when constipation intestinal peristalsis is activated and the regularity of the chair is restored. When irritable bowel syndrome, the tendency to dysbiosis and increased intestinal motility that its activity is also improved, primarily by reducing the sensitivity of its mucous membranes irritation.

To practice on the elliptical trainer you can buy a subscription at the fitness center, they are practical in every gym. If you like, and allows the size of the apartment, and you can buy it home. Only do not advise to buy exercise equipment company Torneo, I immediately broke the main vertical rod – the one that ends at the top handles for heart rate measurement. Repaired under warranty, took them to the shop and welded by welding. But anyway, the trainer in the classroom is constantly produces some unpleasant knocks and squeaks. It seems that the manufacturer is famous for the quality of their products, as I had prior to this trampoline Torneo. So he broke a spring, despite my relatively small weight of 80 kg is permitted in the instructions – 120 kg).