The discipline of the sport
The discipline of the sport Running is becoming increasingly popular. We run, to relax, to take care of the health, shape and General condition. Some jog in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening.…

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Which sport is better for weight loss running
Which sport is better for weight loss: running/Biking or swimming? This article will give you recommendations from professionals for men. You can choose any sport, the main thing that it was you like. Because if…

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5 apps for everyone who started running this spring
5 apps for everyone who started running this spring (or sooner) Either you are running for many years or you are just going to make his first jog around the house, there is always the…

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Fitness walking for weight loss

9 ideas for fun and useful fitness walks

Typically, many people start walking with great enthusiasm. You have fun walking almost every day, believing that they have finally found the easiest and most affordable way to get in excellent physical shape. But after a month or two, and fitness walks inevitably boring, putting in jeopardy the health benefits and finding pieces of a dream. Meanwhile, depends only on you whether classes Wellness walk enjoyable and fun part of your everyday life or will turn into the hated routine.

Go to the music

Put the player in a cheerful catchy music and move to the beat of her rhythms. Try to frequently update the playlist, because the same songs can get old fast. And for security purposes will certainly make sure that you are able to hear the noise of the approaching vehicles.

Listen to audiobooks

Such a wonderful invention, as the player, will allow you to listen to while walking is not only music, but also audiobooks. For passionate lovers of reading is a good way to brighten up the overexposed with additional training and spend the allotted time on them. Now does not pose any difficulty to purchase the audiobook on virtually any subject. By the way, this advice can be useful and in the gym, where there is any elliptical trainer matrix. Then the classes will not be as tedious.

Learn foreign languages

Save considerable time and finances, if you listen while walking the various courses of foreign languages. There are both specifically designed for this audiogenic and Glossary on a variety of topics.

Compete with pedometer

Buy a pedometer and every day set your goal go a little more steps. Current models of pedometers stylish and compact. In addition to counting steps, they will give you a considerable number of different functions: from the measurement of the distance traveled to the number of calories burned.

Walk with children

Children have a natural energy, curiosity and enthusiasm. It is very contagious and will add positive in your classes. Taking on fitness walk your child to play walk a lot of games, from sports to cognitive. Moreover, the additional exposure to fresh air will be beneficial for your kid’s health.

Ponder the plans and solve problems

During the walk you can unexpectedly visit the decision has long plagued the problem. Perhaps the enhanced inflow to the brain of oxygen, probably in the switch and a kind of dynamic meditation, but it was universally acknowledged. Incidentally, a similar technique was used by many famous scientists and writers.

Add some variety to your itinerary

The same familiar way for several months may plunge into depression, even the most inveterate conservative. So be sure to change the routes of your walks. For example, train on weekdays in the nearest square, and on the weekend to plan a trip in a remote forest or the countryside.

Motivate and encourage yourself

Set goals and commit their success. Rejoice and reward yourself each time you reach the task. Think of a small reward for the intermediate results of your training and one major significant victory over himself.

Get a dog

First, walk with a dog is a necessity. Whether you like it or not, but at least twice a day the dog will “remind” you of what it deserves (and you!) the exercise. Secondly, hanging out with four-legged friend just more fun than one. In addition, neighbors are”dog lovers” are often happy to keep you company.

Following these simple recommendations, you will soon make sure the Wellness walk is able to not only bring tangible benefits to your health and appearance, but also to deliver a true pleasure. And that which is done with pleasure, as we know, leads to better outcomes and positive change than the same thing, but under duress and severe necessity. I hope that with these tips fitness walking will never be a burden to you.