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Formula Amrita with mangosteen for yogis


Formula Amrita with mangosteen for yogis

One of the most important qualities of physiology for yoga is the mobility of the joints. But many ardent followers of yoga, there are serious problems with joints and bones. Prolonged exercise have a negative effect on the health of the skeletal system, leading to arthritis.

Yoga – it’s a wonderful system of exercises, if performed under supervision of experienced and trained people. When yoga vigorous exercises

all in a row, loading the body in extreme poses, it can create problems for joint health. If you run an ongoing problem with the joints, yoga will be impossible to do in principle. There are mechanical methods of stress relief of the diseased joint – tires, bandages, harnesses, but they are not a panacea, but merely reduce pain.

Main naturopath personal Wellness programs Amrita Luxury Wellness Retreat and co-author of the methodology and programs of health Amrita Graham Rowe (Graham Rowe) specifically for yoga centers came up with a unique, 100% natural formula based on Thai plants and fruits that gently removes toxins, saturating the body with useful substances. The formula for yogis characterized by a higher content of bark of the mangosteen, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healthy joints.

The composition of the formula Amrita Flexi Detox, in addition to the peel of the mangosteen is the fruit of Amalaki, papaya leaves and germinated black rice.

Mangosteen − tall evergreen tree up to 25 m with a pyramidal crown and black-and-brown bark. Leaves ovate-oblong, dark green above and yellow-green below. The fruit is round, diameter 3,4—7.5 cm, covered with a thick (up to 1 cm) Burgundy-purple rind, which is 4-8 segments of a white edible pulp with a tightly adjacent seeds.

Graham Rowe told us about the beneficial properties of the mangosteen: “Mangosteen (Garicinia mangostana) − very common in Asia, the plant, whose fruit has a thick peel, purple color, and the edible part is the white flesh with a delicate flavour. In our formula Amrita we add the peel, which contains polyphenols, bifluoride, catechins, proanthocyanidins and other vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin and ascorbic acid. For joint health is crucial to the content of polyphenolic compounds in mangosteen, which help fight inflammation in the joints. Paired with Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) formula Amrita Flexi Detox works wonders: joint pain is reduced, this increases their elasticity, over time, the disease goes away”.

Choose your formula Amrita!

• Easy diet − easy diet

• Immune aid − Protection of immunity

• Antistress − Antistress

• Active Detox − Active Detox

• Energy Boost − Energy Drinks

About the technology of preparation of a product Amrita

Very often in the processing of the useful properties of the plants are lost, but experts Amrita made a choice in favour of the most gentle of all the possible technologies of processing method: dry technology freeze “freeze-dry” (from the English. “freeze-dry”). This technology instantly freezes fruits, fruit and herbs at very low temperature, and then the ice evaporates under certain conditions, bypassing the liquid phase. This allows for the evaporation of the liquid do not use heat and chemicals that other processing technologies can disrupt the phytochemical composition of the products.

The advantages of the formula Amrita Flexi Detox:

• Perfectly balanced formula for people practicing yoga

• Provides a gentle detox of the entire body

• Helps maintain joint health

• Has anti-inflammatory properties

The technique Amrita is used when conducting Wellness programs in Amrita Luxury Wellness Retreat in Koh Samui in Thailand.