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How to choose a power simulator


How to choose a power simulator?

Modern strength training is a necessary basis for effective recruitment of muscle mass and a significant increase in strength. In addition, they have proven themselves and for other purposes, among them weight loss, correction of the shape, increase endurance and overall strengthening of the body. Regular exercise trainers will also allow you to generate and maintain a correct posture.

Self-study at home, when you determine the frequency and length of workouts are generally more effective and cheaper in comparison with trips to the

gym. Many fitness machines for home, occupying little space, provide an opportunity to work on multiple muscle groups.

Group strength training.

A variety of available exercise equipment gives you the opportunity to find the right fit just for you from simple bench abdominal trainer for stretching the legs to multifunction power complex.

Weights are divided into 4 groups:

free weights

simulators under its own weight

simulators with built-in scales

the simulators, which allows to choose the trajectory of motion in the exercise.

The weights are structures loaded weight discs, barbells and dumbbells. Classes on such simulators improve coordination, as you have to monitor the weight and balance.

Equipment under its own weight is called the pull-up bars, benches and other devices in which the weight for exercise is the body. Due to this feature the most popular trainers in addition to the strength increase flexibility. Because of the lack of free weights exercise machines under its own weight is very safe, therefore are recommended for beginners.

Simulators with built-in weights allow you to work with a specific group of muscles, without affecting the others. Here weight for exercises are flat goods held by the clamps. The design of the machines allows them to adapt to your strength during the exercise.

Finally, the last group strength training, despite the presence of built-in load discs, allows you to take thrust in either direction.

Advice on the selection of the power simulator.

The choice of the power of the simulator (or more) depending on your objectives. If you want to work on a specific muscle group or body part, – for instance, to increase arm strength or to tighten the buttocks, stop your attention on intended for this device. The specialists of our store will give you all the necessary guidance and will help determine the choice.

Selecting a trainer, consider placing it at home: choose a location and make sure that you are going to keep a little free space; if necessary, verify that you can connect the simulator to the power source. Putting on the Stairmaster rubber Mat protects the floor surface and will provide sound insulation.

Beginners will be more convenient to use fitness equipment with built-in scales in which to change the weight enough to rearrange the clips, and there is no need to install hard drives.

How to power on the simulator?

For the first training weights you need to pick up this load, so after repeating the exercise without overexertion – 12-15 times, you thought it impossible to perform additional approaches. Regardless of your objectives, it is recommended to combine work and free weights with aerobic exercise. This exercises with less intensity and longer duration, such as running and long-distance Cycling. Moreover, if you are just beginning physical activity, and your goal is muscle gain or significant increase in strength, you need to pay aerobic exercise several weeks to prepare your body for heavy loads.

To classes-trainers was valid, they should be held regularly, at least twice a week. Choosing a time to practice, remember that they can start no earlier than 2 hours after eating and be completed at least 2 hours before bedtime.

The number of repetitions of the exercise and the weight will depend on your goals. Working “on mass” or “force” you need to produce no more than 8 repetitions (often to develop strength one is enough), and set close to the maximum for you weight. As for fat burning or endurance training exercise should be repeated — about 12-16 times, respectively, with less weight.

Start with loads of large muscles, then moving to smaller.

The main advice would be to lose my resolve, and consistently achieve goals. But with the right training and the contemplation of the results of problems will not arise.