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How to run 3 km in 12 minutes.

How to run 3 km in 12 minutes.

Exclusive training program from StyleFitness, will allow to reach a good level in running, and answer the question “how to run 3 miles in just 12 minutes?”

How to run 3 km in 12 minutes or the required standard for the TRP-shnik

The beautiful result is the ability to perform the standard TRP, that is to run 3 km in 12 minutes. However, I would like to clarify that such a result can be achieved only trained athletes who regularly engaged in running and

without bad habits.

For such results, runners need to concentrate on how to train speed, efficient use of oxygen and aerobic power. Learn about how to run 3 km in 12 minutes will help General recommendations:

Get rid of excess weight

Before you start to run, get rid of excess weight. People usually think that running and he will burn the extra pounds, and this is true, but the extra weight will create a huge stress on the joints and the cardiovascular system, leading to irreparable harm to health. Therefore, to lose excess weight before run – a vital necessity.

All the stories about how burn extra pounds during the run, silent one important detail – the heroes of these stories are initially less weigh 80-90kg. Meanwhile, the weight kills the runner’s knees. So to get rid of excess pounds have. Not only with running, but using a carefully designed diet and Hiking.

Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Without a strong heart, no question about endurance. But without a developed stamina makes no sense to talk about running. Strengthen your heart, dealing closely with the cardio. They will help to understand how better to spend forces and to learn to run 3 miles in the allotted time.

It invented a lot of cardio exercise equipment: stationary bike, rowing, elliptical trainer. If there is no desire to visit gyms, all these simulators can be replaced by counterparts: exercise bike – Cycling, indoor rowing – boat or kayak, and ellipse – Jogging on skis.

The cardiovascular system strengthens the long sessions of swimming in the pool, river or any other water body, intense Hiking and regular Jogging. Try to lead a more active lifestyle. Try to replace commuting on transport by walking or Cycling. Frequently use the steps and do not miss any opportunity to walk.

Properly breathe

The key to the effectiveness of run – proper breathing. The ability to breathe correctly will help to run the necessary distance with less energy. In cases with beginner runners, practice proper breathing will help at all to run the scheduled distance.

Every second step accompany breath, the next two steps – breath. Just to warn you, beginners will initially be very difficult. But do not be discouraged, the body will quickly adapt to this rhythm of breathing and then everything will happen automatically, so after some time you will not pay attention to it.

If in the Arsenal of your bad habits such as Smoking, are strongly recommended to get rid of it. About the dangers of Smoking all have been informed and once again paint it obvious negative impact does not make sense. Just quit Smoking. Smoking and Jogging are incompatible.

The program “Beginner” or 3km run more than 15 minutes

Before proceeding to the execution of the program “Beginner” should reach the same level of training, which normally goes distance 3km 3 times a week with time exceeding 15 minutes. In this program, brought to perfection the basic skills of running.

Each of the following programs scheduled for a week. This week the program must be repeated unchanged for 6-10 weeks to get the result needed to move to the next program.

day 1: run 5 km at a speed of

day 2: run 1 km in the minimum time. Just repeated 3 times between sets, rest only spend 1 minute

day 3: run 5km

The program “I’m not choking or running 3 miles for 13 – 15 minutes

In this program adds high-quality training and increasing mileage. Before the race, be sure to properly stretch it out and make it a rule to finish a workout the hitch and stretch marks.

day 1: run 7 km, at a speed of

day 2: running 1 km in the minimum time. Committed repeated 3 times between sets attach to the rest only 1 minute

day 3: run 500 meters for the minimum time. Do 8 repetitions, go between them 1 minute at a quick pace

The program, “I’m almost there” or running around 12-13 minutes

This level of program, tends to be the heaviest. The first two programs worked just training the body to this work. Total mileage is not increasing, as proposed exercises are quite demanding. In this case, the excess load will only hurt.

In the “I’m almost there” has a so-called “interval training” is alternating intervals of high and low intensity exercise. In our case, this change runs on squats and return back to the run without respite. The alternation of intervals allows to work to the maximum limit of your powers and save their precious time.

day 1: run 7 miles at a speed of

day 2: running 1 km in the minimum time. Do 4 repeat, rest between sets allocated only 40 seconds

day 3: run 500 meters for the minimum time. Performed 6 repetitions, between which 40 seconds going at a quick pace

day 4: running 1km in less time. Make repeated 3 times between repetitions squat without weight – 30 times.

Program But if I want more” or technique of running over 3 miles in 10 and a half minutes

Concluding the program aims to create a symbiosis of the results of previous training, experience and your strengths. Special attention should be paid to recovery after workouts. Do not increase training load, simply perform scheduled quality exercises.

Do not increase and do not decrease the intensity of your workouts. The best approach is the reduction of the load, i.e. the reduction in the volume of work has higher priority than reducing the speed of the runner. In this program involved burpee is an excellent exercise for burning fat, aim to increase endurance.

The technique of burpy is to adopt a squat position, placing your palms on the floor in front of him. Then jump feet back so that the corps was in the same position as during push UPS. Then do push-UPS and without a pause return to the previous position of the squat. After that as high as you can jump up and reach hands up.

day 1: run 5 km at speed. After traversing distances without stopping, performed 50 times burpy

day 2: running 1 km in the minimum time. Make repeated 3 times between them without interruption squat – 40 times

day 3: run 400 meters, then perform burpee – 10 times. Committed 8 laps, trying to spend as little time as possible.

day 4: run 500 meters for the minimum time. Perform 6 repetitions. Between sets walk briskly for 40 seconds

day 5: run 1km in minimum time, repeated 3 times. Between the repetitions go 40 seconds quick step

Style Summary.

To develop our programs under the force of each, it is only necessary to approach them properly. Observe running technique, pick a quality shoes, practice regularly, be honest with yourself, follow the program with maximum dedication and the results will surprise you.