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The discipline of the sport

The discipline of the sport

Running is becoming increasingly popular. We run, to relax, to take care of the health, shape and General condition. Some jog in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening. Some runners choose the paved road, while others prefer to run through the woods. Despite how often, where and when we run, it undoubtedly has a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Running seems a safe sport, but runners can also receive personal injury resulting from overloading of individual body parts.

How to start workout

To avoid injuries and damage during the run, should first and foremost be remembered as the opening act. Regular stretching exercises can significantly reduce the risk of overloading the joints and muscles. Also, we should not overtax your body or ignore emerging ailments. You should also devote a little time on the selection of appropriate footwear, comfortable and well-fitting shoes can increase comfort while running and reduce the risk of foot injuries.

It is not recommended to start running exercises without consulting your doctor if there are any worrying symptoms, such as pain. If after the first trainings will appear persistent ailments, should consult a podiatrist. Ignoring the first symptoms can be dangerous. Better a few times to be safe.

The most common ailments runners

Very often among runners meet a knee injury. Most common so-called “runner’s knee”, i.e. chondromalacia of the patella, consisting of degeneration of cartilage of the patella, which is the result of overloading of the joint, severe flatfoot, and sometimes even very wide hips. Additional impact on this concussion also have a repetitive motion performed by runners and incorrect statement of the stop. Less common strain of the tendons and the twisting or dislocation of the joint.

The spine runner . especially at the beginner who has just risen from the table, can also feel excessive load. In such cases, runners usually are faced with degenerative changes and instability of the spine.

Problem with filloval tendon poyavlyayuts I primarily with prolonged running on hard surfaces. Inflammation of the tendon or its anguish is the result of incorrectly performed steps.

Injuries of the hip joint often affects runners on rough terrain. Every impression or distortion of the foot can lead to dislocation of the joint. On concussion of the ankle is also affected by poorly-chosen, not stabilizing the ankle shoes.

Improper footwear can also lead to contusion of the foot, especially the toes. At the same time, wrong racing skills lead to deformation of the bones of the fingers and middle of the foot.

Injury and damage to the ilio-tibial tract . starting from the pelvis and extend as far as the tibia, appear quite often. The pain appears at the beginning at the knee, then disperses throughout the leg and is usually the result of overexertion of joints and muscles.

In our clinic we have extensive knowledge about possible sports injuries and how to treat effectively, using the latest technology.

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