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Jogging track


Jogging is considered the most effective and beneficial for the body sport. While running in a short time burned a lot of calories. That’s why running is the best sport for people wanting to lose weight.

Of course, more comfortable and more pleasant to exercise Jogging in the fresh air, enjoying the views. However, in the conditions of modern life it is pretty hard to find such a place for Jogging. Even if there will be, not the fact that You have enough free time to exercise Jogging at a selected location.

The advantages of the treadmill

The main plus treadmill – it is always available regardless of Your availability and weather conditions. Which means You will still be able to run when you see fit.

The surface of the simulator unlike the earth in a forest is smooth . so You don’t damage your feet.

On most models of treadmills equipped with special devices to calculate heart rate and calories burned . This will help to monitor the load and adjust the pace to fit their feelings. You should remember that if the pulse has reached 130-140 beats per minute, should slow down a bit or go for a walk and catch my breath.

On a treadmill, You can adjust the speed and set the desired modes .

Perhaps, everyone knows that to abruptly stop after Jogging is harmful. However, most people still stop immediately after passing the course. The painting of the treadmill will not let You do that.

If You want to increase the load, You will be able to tilt the track simulator.

To start Jogging, you need quite a lot of willpower. That is why the “beginners” is so hard to start Jogging. But the most important thing in this situation – to force myself to start regularly run and when the body will get used to it, You will begin to perceive a run as a regular component of Your day. To increase motivation, find out what is the benefit of running on a treadmill.

The benefit of running on a treadmill

Calorie consumption during exercise on a treadmill exceeds the number of calories expended even on the bike – on a treadmill for an hour burned about 700 calories . This means that the treadmill is the most effective trainer to strengthen the muscles of the body and burning fat.

During exercise on a treadmill strengthens the heart and blood vessels . so You can avoid the diseases associated with them, for example, of a heart attack. Moreover, due to the strengthening of the heart and blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure.

By exercising on a treadmill can improve your shape: to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen, reduce waist and hips, as well as “burn” of extra fat.

During training on the simulator speeds up metabolism and lowers cholesterol.

Joints and ligaments get useful load for them.

On a treadmill there are special modes for even faster burning of calories so you can lose weight even faster.

By Jogging you can relieve stress and get rid of psychological fatigue – during strenuous exercise decreases the amount produced of hormones that cause stress.

How to run on a treadmill

To workout on the treadmill were not only effective but also beneficial for the overall condition of Your body, it is important to observe the following tips and rules:

Not worth it from the beginning to try to run at once for half an hour. Should start with a few minutes, occasionally going to the step. On the development of endurance increase your workout.

The training duration should not exceed 40 minutes.

It is important to breathe through the nose. If You started to breathe through the mouth, slow down the pace.

Do not abruptly stop after Jogging. At the end of the race should go on a fast move, gradually slowing down and breath.

While Jogging, you need to drink a lot, because during the workout water evaporates from the body. Otherwise, You can get dehydrated.

Running is the best sport for people who decide to improve your body, tone muscles and improve overall body condition. If You force yourself to start regular exercise, soon You’ll love this sport and will get pleasure from training.

In addition, thanks to the Jogging you will strengthen your willpower will become more motivated and will be able to remove typical for modern life stress.