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Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Morning exercise against the autumn Blues

Your usual morning worse than any nightmare – the sound of the alarm clock acts as a shot, a warm blanket does not want to let go, and his eyes refuse to open up and view the world? And even on the street and on public transport you continue to desperately fight off sleep, with its own lethargy and apathy, quietly hating this time of the day and those who looks fresher and fresher, so that in the end, gradually merging into the monotony and

routine of everyday working life?

Now, at the end of the summer, when the body is full of strength and energy, like memories look at least funny. But we should not sit with each passing day sun and heat is becoming less colors of summer fade, and soon autumn depression and spleen may well be an uninvited guest in your home.

You can certainly get out of the closet a warm blanket and turn up the heat, but as it is tempting to turn back time and not to lose the summer alive! Continue to feel the beauty of the dawn hours, filled with energy and force, and strive to meet another new day, full of events and surprises! And to make it not so difficult – and, by the way, do you know this secret. In spite of everything get up early for 10-15 minutes and… take charge!

The benefits of charging we’re told from early childhood. Of course, this is all tired – but if you look, the charge really are some solid pros! First, usually start the morning with a light workout prevents us from our laziness, for which then we spent the afternoon quietly despised himself, but to fix it… But if this laziness to overcome, then you will be rewarded with a fabulous sense of satisfaction!

The idea that you are a man of action, able to make decisions and implement them is uplifting and gives confidence in their abilities, the eyes will Shine, and life will smile back!

Secondly, keep yourself in good physical shape daily is much easier than once a month to harass to the point of exhaustion exercise and dieting! We all know about this rule, but if in the morning until the evening to work, keep house, cook, raise children, access to the gym very difficult, and for many, impossible. We postpone the hike back to better times, and gradually lose the symmetry. And morning exercise is good because time takes away a little bit.

Finally, physical exercise in the morning gives energy and vigor, and now you look with sympathy on those who raise – raised, and Wake – forgot!

Speaking scientific language, charging, she morning gymnastics, is “performing light exercise in the morning after sleeping with the purpose of more rapid transition to the waking state”.

The fact is that during sleep, the body is what academician Pavlov called “spilled internal inhibition”, i.e. in parallel with the decrease of excitability of the Central nervous system (CNS) and reduced energy expenditure, metabolism, muscle tone, less likely to have breathing and heart rate. How much time takes from us the transition from sleep to wakefulness, depends on many factors, including the age and health status. And the task of the exercise is to improve the overall tone of the body, energize the nervous centers”, that is, to reduce the transition time to active work.

What happens in the body during charging? First, it significantly increases the flow of impulses from receptors motor, vestibular, visual, auditory, and other evaluators, and these impulses help to strengthen and mobilize cortical and subcortical parts of the CNS, that is faster to eliminate the braking condition, the usual after sleep.

Secondly if practised regularly, under the influence of physical activity in the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, and blood supply of the heart muscle, accelerates venous blood flow, and all this again eliminates congestion after sleep. And also is good for health because improving the compensatory function of the cardiovascular system, improves respiratory function, increases gas exchange in the lungs, activation of oxidation-reduction processes, plus arterial blood quickly becomes saturated with oxygen, the muscles become more robust, and the joints more mobile. Agree, it’s inspiring!

The usual set of exercises consists of 10-15 exercises selected in a way to engage all muscle groups: flexion-extension of the arms and legs, circular motion and rotations, tilts and spins, walking, jumping and running from different initial positions: standing, sitting, lying – each exercise should become part of your charge. Your mates can be dumbbells, a ball or stick, but in principle, it is possible to manage and without them. Remember that the tempo of the exercises (and their number, complexity, number of repeats, etc.) is an individual matter, focus on your breathing, which should be free and smooth. By the way, good to include in this morning’s programme, a special breathing exercise for relaxation and punctuate their heavy load.

Clothes (another plus!) there is also no problem: as long as it did not constrain movements, shoes, naturally, without heels! To do exercises is necessary before Breakfast, in a well-ventilated room, and in the summer ideally gymnastics outdoors also refreshes and invigorates. And it is not necessary to exhaust yourself some strength training, which will be tired, quite a bit of running, stretching and some breathing, and will be in good shape!

Doctors ‘ recommendations for choosing a particular set of exercises is usually dependent on age and gender. Strong half, for example, they recommend including strength training, active use of dumbbells, resistance bands, rubber bandages, but not to get a static voltage. Delicate creatures have to focus on the development of flexibility, strengthen your abdominals, pelvic floor.

Elderly strength training is best avoided, as the fast pace, to prefer breathing exercises and self-massage neck and head. Children doctors recommend restorative exercises that develop the correct posture, flexibility and coordination, strengthen abdominal muscles, neck, back, the arch of the foot.

After charging is finished, you should come to normal after 3-5 minutes of this, too, is an indication that you did everything right. Lightweight muscle pain, if it appears, it will disappear in two days. But, believe me, it is a tiny price to pay for what each day will play for you the most amazing colors, and your harmony, freshness, and concentration will cause the respect and admiration!