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Neskuchny ideas for fitness

Zumba — fun fitness for beginners

More and more women in the pursuit of a slim toned figure are turning to fitness classes. But to see noticeable results from training you need to be patient. Performing repetitive motions hardly anybody is a storm of positive emotions and a state of ecstasy. Don’t do repetitions of sit-UPS or twists. For people who are tired of boring kinds of fitness experts have developed a new direction – Zumba.

A new kind of dance workout

Zumba belongs to the category of entertaining workouts. It perfectly combines strength training and dance moves. Samba, salsa, flamenco, bachata, hip-hop, became the basis for the development of new and exciting exercises to quickly burn calories. Dances allow a person to throw out the accumulated energy in it and to lose the unwanted extra pounds. Zumba will help you to develop the plasticity of movements, give figure seductive curves and will make you feel the dance rhythm. Zumba – fitness for beginners, which is addictive, engaging in a new special world of dance. Starting to attend classes, you will not lose interest and will be involved in the world of dance. Zumba is very popular among Hollywood stars. Perhaps the most colorful fan of a new kind of fitness can be considered sultry beauty Shakira.

The history of creation

A new kind of fitness training has come down to us from Latin America. Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez noticed that hot Latin dancing help to lose weight effectively and maintain the desired form. Then he came up with the idea of a cycle of training that combines classic fitness exercises and dance. The name itself translates as “move” or “buzz”. Zumba – fitness for beginners, which is more like a fun dance party. The series of classes are rhythmic, but simple in execution, movements, which are combined into a complex and beautiful dance. Remember a simple movement under the force of each, so Zumba and is considered the most appropriate form of fitness for beginners.


Zumba will challenge even those groups of muscles that you never knew existed. Particularly suitable classes of energetic dancing girl who have a lot of problem areas that remain untouched by traditional training. The female figure is modeled by itself. An hour of active workout can burn up to 600 calories, so to get rid of many excess fat deposits. But the main advantage of Zumba, of course, that the extra pounds are in the rhythm of dance music. After the first class you can get a feel for how it develops flexibility, sense of rhythm and plasticity of the body. Attending classes such as Zumba can become more relaxed and add movements elegance and grace.As you know, moving dancing are beneficial to the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Increases stamina of the organism and its resistance to adverse factors.

In summary it is safe to say that Zumba for beginners contributes to effective excess weight loss, classes allow you to tighten and transform the figure, the training deliver a lot of pleasure and joy, after only a few workouts in humans, increased endurance, improved mood and health in General.