Useful properties of cabbage
Useful properties of cabbage — assistance throughout the body Since childhood, we know that cabbage is a valuable and useful product. Vegetables are generally extremely beneficial to the body, but Kale stands out even from…

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The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient
The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient to avoid obesity The main page of half-minute Medical news enough physical activity to avoid obesity Regular 30-second exercise is capable of handle the relationship of the body…

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After treadmill workout literally went to pieces
"After treadmill workout literally went to pieces". What you pay for players Three training sessions a day and lots of running. Team player-favorite the highest League told about the loads that players endure during their…

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Fitness walking for weight loss

9 ideas for fun and useful fitness walks

Typically, many people start walking with great enthusiasm. You have fun walking almost every day, believing that they have finally found the easiest and most affordable way to get in excellent physical shape. But after a month or two, and fitness walks inevitably boring, putting in jeopardy the health benefits and finding pieces of a dream. Meanwhile, depends only on you whether classes Wellness walk enjoyable and fun part of your everyday life or will turn into the hated routine.

Go to the music

Put the player in a cheerful catchy music and move to the beat of her rhythms. Try to frequently update the playlist, because the same songs can get old fast. And for security purposes will certainly make sure that you are able to hear the noise of the approaching vehicles.

Listen to audiobooks

Such a wonderful invention, as the player, will allow you to listen to while walking is not only music, but also audiobooks. For passionate lovers of reading Continue reading

What do you think of yoga on water

What do you think of yoga on water

Yoga attach great importance to water as a hygienic and therapeutic means.

Yoga uses water for inner cleansing.

It is known that water performs in the human body the role of the vehicle. It supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients and removes waste products of metabolism. To perform the necessary functions of water in the body should be enough, because the day a person secretes through the kidneys, lungs and skin about 15 glasses of water. It is clear that these losses

must be replenished.

According to yogis, many people, unfortunately, almost never drink clean water, and this leads to various diseases. When insufficient flow of water in the body malfunctions in many of its systems, especially it negatively affects the digestive and urinary systems, lack of water contributes to the increase in the concentration of salts and joint disease. Without adequate water, impossible, natural purification of the blood, which is the cause of intoxication.

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Clothes for running

The right clothes for running

– public and low-cost in financial terms sport, which involved thousands of people all over the world. Like shoes, clothes for running plays an important role in the effectiveness of training.

To spend huge sums on sports kit is not worth it. Importantly, the selected items were performing the tasks, set before the athlete-runner. One of the primary criteria is undoubtedly comfort.

T-shirt for running

While running the whole human body is in motion. Given this, it is necessary to carefully select not only shoes and pants for Jogging, but also appropriate shirt. Strolling through the store, bypassing the racks of t-shirts made of natural materials such as cotton. As running apparel, this fabric Continue reading

Chinese health qigong

Wellness qigong — Pat

Chinese physicians believe that if to clap in different parts of the body, health will improve and will last for life, as this improves blood circulation, muscles and joints relax, increases resistance to disease.

Qigong exercises, claps when we all your body, very light and simple to perform. Just palms or fists need to prihlopyvat the whole body. The main tool for these exercises is our hands. Some people make a slap sacs, which are filled with the sand.

Wellness qigong therapeutic and effective, but it will bring the desired result only with daily practice, if you perform each exercise once — the result do not wait.

Wellness qigong exercises

1) qigong System: a Pat of the head. Need to get straightened out. With your left palm clap your right side of his head, and his right hand — left. Now do all too, just need to tilt your head left Continue reading

Jogging track


Jogging is considered the most effective and beneficial for the body sport. While running in a short time burned a lot of calories. That’s why running is the best sport for people wanting to lose weight.

Of course, more comfortable and more pleasant to exercise Jogging in the fresh air, enjoying the views. However, in the conditions of modern life it is pretty hard to find such a place for Jogging. Even if there will be, not the fact that You have enough free time to exercise Jogging at a selected location.

The advantages of the treadmill

The main plus treadmill – it is always available regardless of Your availability and weather conditions. Which means You will still be able to run when you see fit.

The surface of the simulator unlike the earth in a forest is smooth . so You don’t Continue reading