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They arrive upon a battlefield where three Rain ninjas are battling Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. Senaste narutoavsnittet är en bra påminnelse om vem Swirly är om senaste fortfarnade är Obito's rage. With Zabuza gone things are now settling and Tazuna can go and build the bridge without fear. Junko Takeuchi Naruto Uzumaki. What happened to cause Inari so much pain? But, if you choose to answer it and get it wrong, you can never take the test again and must stay a Genin forever!

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Meanwhile, the Third Hokage announces that its time once again for the Chuunin selection exams.

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Naruto Water Scroll - Shikamaru Nara

Crystal Ice Mirrors Meanwhile, a new foe seeks them out, but who is this foe? Naruto finally joins the battle on the bridge. The Witcher Volume 1. With their latest mission complete, its time once again for the group to go back to mediocre missions. With Sakura defeated and facing certain death, more reinforcements step into the fray. They will be bodyguards for a bridge builder.

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