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Rejuvenate after a workout

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For many bike – the strongest childhood dream. Oh, how I wanted “to drive a bike” on the yards and streets of his native city or forest tracks in the country!

When this dream is coming true – happiness has no limits. Even on a kids bike time for the day to enjoy plenty of elastic and pliable speed, to visit the thousands of interesting places, get a lot of pleasant

experiences, to feel in a good cheerful mood. Such feelings are not random – Cycling brings huge health benefits. Therefore, he can and must remain your friend for years to come.

The beneficial influence of Cycling in that it is associated with intense aerobic load, helps to saturate your body with oxygen that is superbly coached and improves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Riding a bike, you also improve your coordination and increase endurance. The leg muscles are strengthened, and through receiving rotational motions, the blood circulates faster and does not stagnate, which is the prevention of varicose veins.

A huge benefit brings the bike with this ailment as vegetative-vascular dystonia. At the initial manifestations of such symptoms as tingling in the chest, rapid heart rate, sweating palms and frequent blackouts – bike. But before you start exercising, talk with your doctor.

Since the bike requires a large consumption of energy, training it leads to burning of calories (an hour of workout consumes up to 500 Kcal). So, if you want to lose weight, achieve your goal will help you daily 45-minute Cycling workout. Just do not immediately start with full load. Start with exercises “bike” during morning exercises. Training on the bike, start with line segment in 5-10 minutes. Since during the movement is an intensive process of burning fat, your figure will always be taut and beautiful. Important rule – you cannot sit on the bike immediately after eating (wait an hour and a half) and start eating within an hour after training.

You can recommend as enhance the effect of weight loss method of a high-speed race in a straight line. For this we need to choose the straight path and digitise on it, gradually increasing speed, up to the available maximum, to keep my speed a little longer, and then slow down the tempo.

Cycling due to constructive peculiarities pedal system, enable to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and shins. For effective summation of the efforts of these muscles, you need to set the saddle to a height that allows you to fully straighten your knees. Besides having to go “bent” extremely unaesthetic, this technique leads to rapid fatigue and unhelpful.

Some versions of the modes of exercise.

No matter whether you’re Cycling seriously or just love Cycling, it is necessary to properly distribute the load and rest. With proper alternation, such training will help to improve physical fitness, but if you do not allow the body to recover, too intense exercise can lead to fatigue and exhaustion of muscles. Recovery time can be 24 -48 hours.

The importance of strength training.

When training on the bike, the load on different muscle groups is uneven. If you want to get the right muscular balance, it is necessary to combine the ride with such regular exercises like: squats, military press, bench press on the bench, as well as core exercises for abdominal muscles.

Exercise «long rise”.

This exercise can be included in the program of your workouts, it is very effective and well developed musculature of the back and legs. When properly selected pace and the incline lift you will be able to develop great endurance and improve cardio-vascular system, forming the proper exchange of oxygen in the body. Find a road with a uniform angle of elevation, and each time, gradually increase the length of the trip.

Training professional athletes.

For training who are preparing for UCI professional athletes use the track similar to the one that have to go in the competition. To different categories of similarity relates the height at which the track is situated. The higher it is, the more load due to the decrease in the level of oxygen in the air.

Professional cyclists always the separation of different types of trails, where they train and compete, and each species, which include, for example, road Cycling, track or mountain bike, modifications to bikes and their training schemes.

How to eat while Cycling.

Like any other kind, Cycling requires proper nutrition. If you train in an average pace over fairly large distances, the consumption of carbohydrate-rich food is not necessary but if you do not wish to burn fat, it is possible to include them in the diet because they burn faster than fat – the body itself will choose an efficient source of energy “fuel”. When sprint workouts, when your body has time to use only carbohydrates, they must be consumed before training.

Regardless of the type of workout before, during, and after it is important to exclude water loss in the body. To better use mineral water, but carbonated and vitamin and mineral drinks and natural juices. Most effectively compensate for the loss of body water drink in small portions 30-50 ml for workouts. In total, during the movement, you can drink 220-250 ml of liquid, and after another 300-400 ml.

An hour before the load needed to eat. On calorie this meal should be about 200 Calories. Food can contain carbohydrates – pieces of fruit or salad. And before intensive training will be useful and some proteins.

During the movement of the meal does not usually occur, except when an acute sense of hunger. Therefore, during a long walk on the bike need to be in possession of a small amount of food, for example, a bag of nuts, which are in the form of sports nutrition and help the body recover quickly.

Post workout just need to eat, but not earlier than 45 minutes. Making up the losses should be compensated at the expense of carbohydrate intake. Just don’t overeat! A good option – this is a plate of porridge of oatmeal or rice, or any legumes.

calorie consumption at the various types of bike training given in the table: