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The benefits of swimming, swimming for weight loss, gymnastics in water

The benefits of swimming, swimming for weight loss

Probably swimming is the best type of load for those who have back problems. According to Professor I. B. Jarkovskogo, that water is the most favorable environment for human health. It is especially beneficial effects on the nervous system. The body becoming weightless in the water, relaxing. In response to muscle relaxation of the nervous processes in the brain are stabilized, and fatigue caused by intense mental work passes quickly. Most Czarkowska, for example, for recovering the exhausted enough to sleep at night in the water 3 — 4 hours (in the bath, wearing inflatable neck ring, so as not to choke), while in bed, he poured only

for 7 to 8 hours.

Swimmers the largest numbers of vital capacity (volume) light: up to 7 l — two times more than the norm. And vital capacity of the lungs is considered to be one of the main indicators of human health. In addition, swimming is perhaps the most comfortable form of exercise. Incomparable pleasure gets swimmer, but not only “muscle joy”, which has a place and under any other sports activities. After all the water environment in a totally different effect on the body: easily massages the skin, working every muscle, expands the subcutaneous capillaries and stimulates nerve endings. This gentle massage is almost imperceptible, but when you slide in the water is quite clear soft stroking warm waves. When similar, subtle massage lasts for almost an hour (the duration of one session in the pool) is a real medical procedure. In addition, not only swimming, but even simply being in the water greatly increases the expenditure for the maintenance of a constant body temperature (because the water is much colder). Therefore, the person loses weight.

Another positive impact of swimming — hardening. Those who during the year, visiting the pool, a cold sore is ten times smaller.

Correct posture and a trim figure is, of course, the influence of swimming in which the body is in a horizontal position and with each wave a hand as if extends forward. Hundreds of training, tens of thousands of strokes and the spine is gradually straightened, the intervertebral discs are slightly stretched, relieving the load of years, crushing and deformirovaly them. You become slimmer, taller, your shoulders straightened, and the belly is gone!

Gymnastics in water

In the water you can do and gymnastics. It will complement the effect of swimming and will help to lose weight. Perfectly located very overweight people or people with disturbed coordination of movements. In the water is easier to move, fatigue does not occur so quickly. The water also has the effect of training with the severity due to the resistance of the water, loading the muscles and develops coordination, strength and endurance, promotes faster weight loss. The water pressure acts as a massage. Gymnastics in water, improves mood, improves health. To do it not only in the pool but also at sea, on the river, on the lake, wherever there is an opportunity to rest her hands on the rail, a bridge or a ladder.

Exercises in water

1. I. p. — standing sideways to the edge of the pool. Holding his hand over the side, produce the centrifugal movement of the foot back and forth. 8-10 times for each leg.

2. I. p. — standing with his back to the wall of the pool. Holding hands on the edge, rotate hips to the right and follow the movement of “Bicycle”. 15 times in one or other way.

3. Lift one, then the other knee, making a “punching” motion with his hands. 20.

4. I. p. — lying in the water. Swim like a dog, waving his arms and legs. Pace at first quick, then slow. End this exercise calm swimming.

5. Breathing exercises. Inhale deeply through the mouth. Then lower your face into the water and, as slowly as possible, exhale through the nose and mouth.

6. Good effect on the muscles of the abdomen and thighs swimming without hands. Grab a ball or a Board and swim forward, strongly and rhythmically striking the feet on the water.

Swimming and other activities in the water increases the energy consumption by 200-500 calories, burned from 22 to 55 g fat.

Don’t forget to start swimming lessons should gradually! The load should be increased gradually: today — 100 m, tomorrow — 120, month — 1 km, after six months of 5 — 7 km, and even at a fast pace.

If you want to get rid of excess weight then you need to move actively. The load is considered to be sufficient and effective if you are tired, but do not lose courage, but rather the health of your rose, you have a good mood and good sleep. At the same time, if you’re not tired, so the load was small. But this does not mean that training should bring you to the point of exhaustion, the unacceptable appearance of shortness of breath, heart pains, and dizziness.

There is statistical evidence that the life expectancy of those people who lost weight using a low calorie diet, without exercise, less than humans, remaining full. Therefore, once you decide to do with your body, just plan not only dietary restrictions, and consider their physical activity for a lifetime.

Of course, we understand that it is one thing to read about how “easy” to become healthy and slim, and another thing — all this is to bring to life, overcoming muscle pain, fatigue and laziness, as you work up a sweat, overcoming feeling constant hunger. But there are so many temptations!

Using only diet to ensure the effective reduced mass of the body is impossible! Even if you are tormenting themselves a very limited diet, and lose weight, neither beauty nor health get. The skin will SAG on flabby muscles, the heart will weaken, instead of the elastic flat stomach will appear wrinkled pouch in place of the former “tummy”. Yes and reset the hard-earned pounds will soon return – these are the laws of human physiology. Only the execution of the program “motion + diet” will keep your figure and support your health!

Unfortunately, not everyone can withstand this test, and dropping a couple of pounds, returned to his former way of life, gaining more and more weight, and disease. “Iron” will, comfortable living conditions and opportunities for improvement include a few. And how easy it is to find excuses for my own laziness!