Chinese health qigong
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Neskuchny ideas for fitness
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The fashion for fitness or a healthy lifestyle

Not ours, but for us

The word “fitness” has Anglo-American origin and in translation from English means to be in a good shape (in the physical sense). Improve body shape and weight reduction is achieved through a balanced physical exercise and individually tailored diet.

However, one of the highlights fitness is not only to achieve certain positive results, but also secure them. This means that fitness must constantly, not occasionally.

Fitness, like any sport, has no international borders, so if it is proven that fitness is good for foreigners, why it was bad for us, because our women also spend hours sitting at the computer, standing in traffic jams, walking in high heels, hastily eat and few are outdoors.

And illnesses we have the same cardiovascular, scoliosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But our ancestors have proven that movement and physical labor prolong life, and physical inactivity, that is, the absence of active movements, provoke a number of unpleasant factors.

To each his fitness

Today fitness is possible for almost every woman. And even it’s not necessary to buy an annual subscription to the prestigious fitness center. To afford fitness inexpensive, you can even at home and not spent on a simulator. Fitness at home can provide basic physical exercise with weights and small weights. Even Biking 2-3 times a week in good weather is also a fitness at home. Complexes of physical exercises aimed at developing specific muscle groups, you can also perform at home.

Naturally, in fitness clubs, we not only load your body physically, we still communicate. And it is important. Not everyone of us have enough willpower to fitness at home has become a habit. But in the General flow to improve your body somehow more fun. Although in the first embodiment will cost such an inexpensive fitness.

Fitness inexpensive also possible, if you purchase a subscription to a fitness club for a year. And though in total you will pay for your subscription a lot of money, still it will be cheaper if you pay for each session separately.

Largest fitness clubs in St. Petersburg . for example, is represented by a network of Fitness clubs house, Planet Fitness and World Class. The latter can be found not only in, say, Moscow and other Russian cities, even far away from the city center, Khabarovsk.

Fitness clubs of St. Petersburg World Class is the three “pillars”: World Class Atlantic city, World Class Central and World Class hay. Anyone can buy exclusive map “Two capitals” that allows fitness clubs World Class in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is very convenient for those who by the nature of its work intermittently in both cities.

Children’s fitness is really

In the beginning of this article I mentioned that today is gaining momentum and a children’s fitness . In the conventional fitness centers for adults working with children there are professional trainers. Children’s fitness includes swimming lessons, training, games and physical activity more. The level and degree of difficulty of classes depends on the age and physical condition of the children. Some doctors even recommend to parents in some cases to drive the children to the fitness center.

The fitness centers you can also purchase or an annual subscription for your child, or to pay for single classes.

The best option – when my father and mother, and the child visit the fitness center together. Because the classes in the fitness center is active, and the entire family doubly enjoyable and rewarding. Maybe at first glance, it will seem expensive, but in this case we are talking about health, which, if you lose, already can not buy for any money.

Galina Dmitrieva