Why the tunic is in your side when running
Why the tunic is in your side when running Because the liver and/or spleen swell from excess blood. If the person is calm, of his five liters of blood flowing through the vessels only half.…

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Parkour class for hardy
"Vlad and Co", or Parkour class for hardy "IP" Lyudmila Khmelevskaya Vlad Benicewicz laminarin, studying in 11 class, school №2. He has a rather unusual hobby parkour. Parkour is not a sport. It is a…

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The fashion for fitness or a healthy lifestyle
Not ours, but for us The word "fitness" has Anglo-American origin and in translation from English means to be in a good shape (in the physical sense). Improve body shape and weight reduction is achieved…

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The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient

The half-minute of physical activity is sufficient to avoid obesity

The main page of half-minute Medical news enough physical activity to avoid obesity

Regular 30-second exercise is capable of handle the relationship of the body with sugar is no worse than a long grueling workouts. If you find errors in the text or inaccuracy, let me know.

Smoking within two days of first inhaling from a cigarette and 25% become addicted within a month. According to the findings of scientists, the smell of grapefruit molodit woman in the eyes of men at least 5 years. As the author of the article, almost all young smokers from time to time trying to quit an addiction, but not all have the strength to hold. Moreover, over time, this difference does not disappear even after 5 years after beating the victim spends their treatment 19% more. Against women it is not so simple. The child who received it inherited from mom or dad, unfortunately, has a pretty high chance of getting sick.

HYDROQUINONE – SAY NO. It turns out that in order to cope with aging, it helps to chew gum. However, scientists are agreed: it is only a preliminary screening.

Even the most minor pain cannot be ignored. Because of the prevalence of this surgical diseases we too are sure that we know him well enough. The minimum course of treatment for a drinking problem for about 3 weeks.

In this case, 50% of women suffering from this form of candidiasis, symptoms of the disease appear in the interval from several days to three months after the successful treatment episode IHC. Scientists hope that their discovery will help to find new ways of weight control. According to The Daily Telegraph, the study was conducted by a team from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan), under the leadership of Eric Kim Eric Kim). Summer temperatures were slightly higher than human body temperature, the humidity was low; winter averaged about 21 C, and the humidity was increased.

The researchers assessed the height and weight of children, and then compared these data with information about the usage of antibacterial drugs. In addition, when receiving calls, there were cases of incorrect treatment of callers, not in all cases complied with the terms of the call transfer team of doctors and arrival time to patients. Was engaged in the development team from the University of Glasgow, which included biologists, orthopaedic surgeons and biomedical engineers. Activity of participants of the experiment, the researchers evaluated using metabolic equivalent (MOE), which corresponds to the energy spent quietly sitting person.

Examining the data of 218 000 adults whose genome was a copy of the FTO gene that contribute to the emergence of obesity, researchers concluded that an active lifestyle is 27% lower risk of obesity.

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In Estonia from 1 January 2010, 15% of the cost of nursing care in the hospital will be paid by the patients

The Prime Minister said that he held consultations with the attorney General, and their approach to the situation is the same. The center will be equipped with the latest medical equipment, for the purchase of modern equipment will allocate 30 million.

Foundation Elena Franchuk expressed concern about the rise in price of condoms in Ukraine