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Formula Amrita with mangosteen for yogis
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The impact of exercise on organism

The impact of exercise on the body

Health is a measure of physical and mental status of the individual. The condition of the body can tell about the level of human life, the quality of its food, the presence of physical and even ecological living environment. Depending on these factors changes, hormonal background of an organism. Hormonal destructive changes in the body and damage the immune system and make it vulnerable against many different diseases. And it is difficult to overestimate the beneficial impact of exercise on the body.

Physical activity helps the body to resist various hormonal destructors.

These include pesticides, retardants, various cosmetics and medicines. Let us see what are these Physical activities, and why they are needed.

Useful exercise: physiotherapy

According to the theory of traditional Oriental medicine and any special artificial means of recovery does not exist, and the healer is nature itself. Sickness and distress arise only because of the person, and the healing of the body without the intervention of doctors and medicines occurs independently for 10 days. Always in the treatment and prevention of diseases therapeutic exercises play a leading role. This is one of many natural methods and physiological stimulation provided by nature.

Harmonious physical activity is one of the few conditions the activity of the protective systems of the body. The beneficial effects of exercise on the body is difficult to overestimate. When done correctly, the complex of therapeutic exercises provided by their stimulation effect of physical stress on the body in this case will be firming. Each group of muscles through the nervous system is associated not only with the entire body in General, but also with the organs of different systems, e.g. circulatory, nervous and endocrine. Right affecting the muscles, you can have a therapeutic effect on any organ or system.

The impact of exercise on the body

During physical exertion in the muscles begin to produce substances which, if absorbed into the bloodstream have a stimulating effect on the receptors of blood vessels and on the whole body.

It is very important evenly and regularly allocate physical stress on the body. When choosing a treatment system is necessary to provide for the use of different types of impact on the muscles, ligaments, joints. Only uniform use of physical activity on the body gives a full range of therapeutic effects.

With proper choice of the complex and the method of therapeutic exercise stimulates all the vital systems and organs.

In the body there are 2 types of muscle – striated and smooth. Striated muscle attached to the bones form the skeletal muscles. Of smooth muscle composed of cardiac muscle, and muscle layers of the gastrointestinal tract and the entire vascular system. To manage the smooth muscles with an effort of will is impossible, and the elements, is able to reduce and not controlled consciously, are available in virtually every cell.

The consequences of lack of exercise

The change in the normal tone of smooth muscles leads to increased blood pressure, circulatory problems in the area of spasm, swelling and stagnation in various organs.

The cause of most chronic diseases is incorrect work of “internal” muscles present in the walls of blood vessels, bronchi, biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract. Affecting the skeletal muscles, the person can restore the normal operation of the internal muscles and thus improve the functioning of internal organs. The positive impact of exercise on the body is in an overall improvement.

Often suffer from the brain and lower limbs. The condition of skeletal muscle mirrors the condition of the internal organs. The correct exposure it helps to normalize the functioning of internal organs. Power and warm-up exercises have the necessary toning, and stretching exercises (therapeutic Hatha yoga) relieve tension and spasms.

Physiotherapy is the easiest and most effective way to influence the body through physical exertion. The basis of Oriental medicine is to restore disturbed natural harmony, elimination of disturbances in body functions and the underlying causes of disease. The restoration of normal metabolism, revitalization of health or reserve forces of the organism contributes to the technique of Wu Shu.