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Treadmill. Use, how to properly walk on a treadmill

Treadmills for home use many people acquire to eliminate extra weight, although it would cost to do the opposite – buy them when you’re in great shape to maintain this form without problems. Any trainers, and treadmills including, are not meant to “lose fat”, although for this purpose they are excellent – especially the equipment we need to maintain the health and beauty of the body.

The use of treadmill training

So what kind of benefits to our body classes on the treadmill?

Of course, they train and strengthen our muscles: the main burden falls on the muscles of the legs – calves and thighs, and shoulder belt – this is facilitated by the rhythmic strokes of his hands. Intercostal muscles and the abdominal muscles is also actively train: this ensures proper operation of the heart and lungs – it’s no secret that in our time with this many serious problems. Get a load of not only skeletal muscle because the heart and blood vessel walls also consist of muscle tissue.

Workout on the treadmill accustom the body to economical use of oxygen, so our cells are “used” to be more efficient nutrients.

Running relieves stress, and classes on the treadmill, too help get rid of aggression and negative emotions. However, stress is not only an outburst of this kind, but and fatigue – physical, psychological and mental. Prolonged exercise helps the body to produce hormones of joy – endorphins, and heavy loads are not required – this is a real active leisure, improve productivity and mood .

And of course, the burning of calories is very interested in modern man, and think more about this woman: buying a treadmill, they want to get rid of the fat folds, which spoil the shape.

How to walk on a treadmill

How to properly walk on a treadmill . to bring their health benefit, and thus also to lose weight? Most people, exercising on the treadmill, hold on to the handrails to feel more confident and secure is a mistake. Once you have learned to stand on the walkway, handrails should be let go: holding on, we reduce the load on leg muscles – training effect is reduced; the body during the run, leans forward and slouching back – spine that was not right.

How to wean yourself the handgrips? You need to imagine that they simply do not: after all, when we run the streets, in the Park or at the stadium, we wouldn’t hold, and rely on their own feet. Some people hold on to the handrails to measure heart rate during exercise, but it is quite possible to get wrist pulse meter.

Specific recommendations for treadmill training

To really get rid of excess weight, practicing on the track, you need to remember some rules.

Experts often recommend installing a specific angle of inclination, being engaged for a certain period of time and at a certain speed, but these options are always individual – to find a universal method impossible. Each person is not only your weight, height, age, level of training, but in General all people are different, so to adapt to the simulator have gradually, watching for reactions with your body.

One type of activity – in this case, running is usually not enough for weight loss – at least fast enough to get the result on one run fails. It is therefore desirable to combine training on the track with exercises on other machines, or with other types of loads.

From the beginning you need to determine the area of the pulse in which the fat is to apply this method of training is possible only by the age of 20 years. From the number 220 minus the age – for example, for a person aged 30 years maximum heart rate would be 190 beats/min. And the effective area shall not exceed 85% of maximum heart rate: in this case, the pulse must be at least 123 and not more than 161 beats/min If heart rate will be more often you close to overload, but if at least – the training effect will be negligible. Of course, for people living with almost no physical activity, stress the first time should be even more careful.

However, the main importance is the duration of employment. You should not believe ads promising that you will certainly lose weight, doing 10-15 minutes a day. In the meantime, the calories don’t get burned: the body only has time to warm up, and as the session ends – of course, the desired result is not. To do on the track need from 40 minutes to an hour – then it is possible for one training to spend 300-700 calories. If you cannot deal with the required intensity, the load can be reduced, but the training time to extend for 10-20 minutes.

It is important to start the exercise: to warm up with stretching that the ligaments and muscles warmed up, then start Jogging at a slow pace and gradually speed up.

To find the best option workout, try different running technique: for example, you can run at the same speed, but you can speed up and slow down running after a certain time – it makes the workout more interesting, and helps to stay longer on the walking belt.

Do you want not less than 3 times a week (but you can start with 2 times). Fewer workouts almost does not give the desired effect and greater does not allow the body time to recover.

In General, it’s all the basic rules of treadmill training, but you should still know what not to do.

When you can’t train on a treadmill

You can’t train at an elevated temperature, headache or injury of joints and ligaments, not sagusa to the end. You cannot stand on the walking belt while it doesn’t move, including the track, place your feet on its rim.

Do not engage without shoes: many people think that for home workouts sneakers to wear is optional, and engaged in the socks – this affects the joints of the feet and increases the load on the spine.

Contraindications to the practice are any acute illness, or chronic in the acute stage – this is so well known, but still worth to remind. Strictly contraindicated running on the track when heart disease, hypertension III degree, angina, mitral stenosis – heart disease, which narrows the hole that connects the left atrium with the left ventricle; bronchial asthma, accompanied by frequent attacks.

The reason for the contraindication may be a degenerative disc disease and joint disease, but, even if you have no particular health problems, it is necessary to consult with your doctor is very important.

Another helpful tip: if you find that you can do on a treadmill, do not rush to buy it – try to work out in the gym. Choose a good room, where there are professional trainers: for the month you will be able to use them to determine your options loads and develop a customized training system – and then, once you get used to the simulator, buy a treadmill for home use.

Galina Gataulina