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Parkour class for hardy

“Vlad and Co”, or Parkour class for hardy

“IP” Lyudmila Khmelevskaya

Vlad Benicewicz laminarin, studying in 11 class, school №2. He has a rather unusual hobby parkour.

Parkour is not a sport. It is a combination of skills body, which at the right moment can be used in different situations. The essence of parkour is movement and overcoming obstacles of various kinds. These can be considered as architectural structures (railings, parapets, walls) and a

specially made design, etc.

Vlad, in Luninets many high school students are passionate about parkour. In his spare time he’s with his friends going to school yards, stadiums for training. Of great importance is the support of friends and own achieving new results. No less important is the reaction rate, the ability to assess the situation and physical abilities. Importantly, the ability to properly distribute body weight and calculate the speed. The ability to properly use energy reduces the effect of mass on the motion of the body and gives the tracer is able to make a perfectly safe jumping from a height, to carry out complex shapes.

On the question of how to have a hobby, Vlad says: “I was sitting one day on the street (when I was 9 years old) and saw a boy about the same age as me, did a front flip. I did not know what it was called. Approached him and asked: “What are you doing?” He replied: “Flip!” So we met with Paul, who am still friends”. And continues: “We decided to enroll in athletics, where sports were the mats Pasha taught me to do back flips. After about a month I learned how to do somersaults on mats on the ground – in a year”.

The guys were running on construction sites, unfinished houses, school yards, coaching and developing their skills in parkour. Not without injuries. Pasha once there was a crack on the brush that permanently lodged in the children’s minds. Came to realize that the occupation they had chosen unsafe. But that didn’t stop, only made to think about, continue to become more prudent.

Over time, the company Vlad began to grow. “We invited friends, taught them, helped with advice, to avoid injury,” he says. Is quite dangerous, but very interesting and beautiful sport. Importantly, not afraid. If you are able and aim to do it, then you need to be confident, but the fear of all the spoils. The danger is real and fear is only a figment of the imagination with which you should be able to fight! It really helps to overcome the fear of climbing. To master this area, you need to understand the fundamentals of athletics. It jumps, somersaults, running with the pulling of knees to the chest…. Physical strength is also important in training, especially the development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the posterior surface of the legs. And proper nutrition is necessary so that during exercise the body is not experiencing stress. Otherwise the workout will not be as effective.”

“The main equipment for parkour are the ability to jump and land with rolling over a shoulder. And to fulfill all shapes and stunts correctly, not haltura. Otherwise, it is not parkour” – instructs Vlad. And continues: “At the heart of parkour are jumps and rolls (somersaults). “Roll”, for example, is a simple somersault. It is used for softer and safer landing when jumping from a height. When it is executed, as in other “figures” often probable injury if you do not true. The figure of “monkey” – vault over the obstacle, the legs should be carried in the middle between the hands. Among those engaged about a month parkour is aerobatics”…

We Vlad talked for a long time. He told his associates, among whom he Vanik, Pasha Oleskevich, Dima Vlasuk, Arthur A. with a group of parkourists. Told that while on the bar engaged for about a year. Had a lot to learn, but constantly striving to improve. I even had a chance to see firsthand how complicated figures he and the other guys get to play. The show is interesting and fascinating. But, like any other hobby requires seriousness, accuracy, responsibility and assertiveness. Wished Vlad new heights and patience.