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Which sport is better for weight loss running

Which sport is better for weight loss: running/Biking or swimming?

This article will give you recommendations from professionals for men. You can choose any sport, the main thing that it was you like. Because if you do, you will enjoy it, and the result you will spend more time. The most popular cardio exercises are running, swimming, and Biking. Of course, all of these sports can assist in reducing weight and achieving the desired forms. This article will compare these three types of sport and their effectiveness.

How many calories consumed

The most calories you can lose doing regular Jogging or running on a treadmill. Depending on how much you weigh and the speed with which you will run for an hour you can burn up to eight hundred calories. Either by swimming or by bike you will not be able to burn so many calories when running, unless of course you’re not going to engage very intensely, but it may not always be helpful. But again it all depends on the weight of your body and speed training, an hour of Biking, you can lose six hundred fifty calories, but if you will spend hours swimming in the pool, you can lose up to seven hundred calories.

Jogging is one of traumatic sports, by the fact that the load on the body of a man while running is very big. Cycling a safer sport, so they can do even those men who have problems with knees and spine. Water has supporting properties, so when sailing the load on the joints and muscles will be minimal. Researchers PI experiments have found that if you engage in water to the waist, the load on the joints is reduced by 50 percent, and the depth to chest load will drop Yes 75 percent. Therefore, swimming can those people who are recovering from injuries, and those who run and ride a Bicycle is not recommended

Run you anytime, anywhere. All you need is good running shoes, so they were easy to run. In order to play sports, you need to buy a sports bike for men and equipment to him. For swimming don’t need to spend a lot of money, the only thing you need is to pay a subscription for trips to the pool, and also buy a rubber cap to protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorinated water, and melting.

When running the body is exposed to high load, which means that you can protect your bones from osteoporosis. And also can pump the legs, calves and tendons. Cycling will help to maintain good physical shape, and to strengthen the thighs ,calves, pelvis, and the quadriceps. With the help of swimming you will strengthen the whole body, because the body moves and fight with the resistance of water. If you go swimming consistently, you can develop the spinal muscles, and legs, shoulders and arms, to make it stronger.

With the help of running you will be able to improve blood circulation, and thus the flow of oxygen in the body and thus to improve memory (due to the fact that the brain will be increasingly oxygenated), concentration and General stamina. When riding a bike you will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And swimming will help the body to distribute oxygen.

With the help of swimming you’ll be able to twitch good physical shape, and this is very effective for those men who want to lose weight. If you long to be in the cool water makes swimmers feel hungry after swimming, after school swimmer usually eats more than you need. At a time when you swim, the body temperature does not rise as while running and Cycling, so the classes should not be intense, because the body does not need to be cooled.

When you run, you can influence the sun, eventually you may experience problems with vision and dehydration. But all this can be avoided if you carry a water bottle and sunglasses. At a time when you are Cycling, you breathe polluted air. Also you can get into an accident if they ride on the pavement, where it drives a lot of traffic. Swimming also has its cons. In pools, chlorine is usually added, so it can cause allergies, and problems with breathing.

Who should not engage in these sports

If you have a sore heart, angina, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, or you have recently had surgery, before you start to engage in any of these sports, you should consult a doctor. If you have heart problems, then running should be abandoned. If you have arthritis, Cycling is not for you because when Cycling a large burden on the spine. If you’re afraid of water, about swimming is also better to forget, although with psychological training to overcome rabies, and to learn how to swim.

The benefit of the body

With the help of Cycling you will be able to develop your upper body with the help of running you will be able to exercise, through swimming, you can use all muscles.

What threatens a strong zeal in training?

If you’re going to tire your body races for long distances, then you will have problems with ankles, knees and hip joints, because it is a big burden. When Cycling strong load is placed on the lower part of the belly, for men it is dangerous that may disrupt sperm production. But swimming is the safest sport even at high loads.

Choosing the most acceptable sport, follow your goals, health and physical education. The more you will get pleasure from practice, the higher the probability that you will do for a long time, and that means you’ll get the outcomes that you were hoping for.