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Yoga for healing and rejuvenation

Yoga for healing and rejuvenation of organs of the human body

Yoga is not only exercise (asanas), it’s a whole cultural concept of Hinduism and Buddhism. We have the term yoga is often only understood by a set of exercises with which the monks were preparing your body for long meditation. Well at least their use in due time was confirmed by scientists and not even one generation, but because the exercises were not put under the ban.

However, in the countries of Asia recovery through yoga has long and widely

disseminated. In Europe it is, unfortunately, appeared only in the last century, but since then, this doctrine had many adherents and schools. In order to understand the principle effects of asanas and mirovozzrenie on the body, it is necessary to know a little about the main theses of philosophical doctrine.

According to them, all human diseases come from the fact that his body is improperly accumulated life energy – prana. To distribute it in the right order you should use exercises, complexes which are called asanas.

When prana is distributed properly, a person get rid of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Full recovery yoga the human body is possible at methodically the correct approach to the implementation of practices. They consist of proper breathing, correct posture, and correct focus on a particular point.

In everyday practice yoga for rehabilitation can bring tangible benefits to our body. Through it, you will be able to control yourself and manage your feelings and instincts at the proper level. It also gives you the correct posture and help to achieve the desired flexibility and slimness. It is also proved that asanas help reduce the level of stress hormone, and it plays an important role in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Reducing stress, yoga can help you to get rid of bad habits and to normalize weight. Systematic implementation of practices under the guidance of a competent guru (teacher) promotes relaxation and a slight distraction from problems.

Asanas involve proper breathing and helps normalize blood pressure, regulating the cardiovascular system. All these results are achievable when taking into account the fact that exercises are performed regularly.

Asanas are a very harmonious exercise. They combined that do not cause fatigue and overexertion. Even the weakened muscles and organs receive our fair share of physical activity.

After some time the man opens the knowledge of how to properly distribute the weight, give yourself the correct proportions and detoxify harmful toxins. After several weeks of lost sleep disturbances, improves the function of the immune system, and even eye color becomes brighter, and his voice deeper.

Scientific studies have shown that with regular approach, yoga changes the blood composition in a positive way and reduces the risk of age-related inflammatory diseases. If this is not possible yet to figure out exactly what mechanism is involved in this case.

Positive dynamics is observed already after a short period of time after the start of classes. Psychological tests showed improvement in General condition of the psyche, reducing depression and neurosis.

Practice shows that yoga has a positive impact on each its practitioners, regardless of gender and age. People as a result of exposure to asana experience greater psychological and physical condition, achieve recovery and rejuvenation of the body. Proponents say this is because man is a part of the material and ideal world, and asanas help to establish the link between them, and so the flow of prana circulates properly.

Yoga is good that she can start playing anytime and anywhere. First you need to breathe in deeply and focus. But often, the individual creates obstacles, thinking about the fact that his body is underdeveloped and flexible, and he is not an expert yoga practice.

At this stage you must come to the realization that each person is able to know himself and his relationship with the world and it does not require any additional knowledge.

Spending physical energy, you will gain in return a positive light and consciousness, revealing his true power and capabilities. And the asanas will help in finding the lost physical and mental health.

So yoga for healing and rejuvenation of organs of the human body can become the panacea, comprehensive means of strengthening the tissues and even the method of improving the mind. Only you don’t be afraid to make a step towards this system of healing and try to get away from the crazy world inside yourself, to achieve harmony and balance with your body and inner world!